how to save school systems

The problem in education “is execution, not strategy.” The idea is to create a tool to measure whether or not kids are meeting the high standards that need to be set. The tool would take into account the environment, the community, parents, accountability of the child, superintendent, etc. without putting all of the pressure on the student.

What are some ways that literacy can be measured to ensure the understanding of students without putting all emphasis on standardized testing? I think that so much wealth is lost in translation between the learning, stress on the importance of performance on the exam, pressure on students, pressure on teachers, pressed environment, and by the time it reaches the time of testing, the mind may be on completion in time frame or on the impact that the exam may have on the grade, etc. This may not be for all students, but between the mind and a test, there is a lot in between.

As future teachers, we better think about these kinds of things. How are we going to look at success in a more natural, comfortable way for these students? If we read one in eight papers, we will get the idea of how our students are doing. Like this class, out of class writings relieve some of this stress, but not all classrooms have the freedom to do this.

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