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Professor Vee,

I am happy to report that since October 19th I have really made an effort to dive a bit deeper into our class blog. And in doing so, I feel that I have a better understanding to not only the material we’ve discussed since midterm, but also an enhanced relation to the class (and my classmates) in general. I have focused my energy on being more involved within our blogging community and this has pleasantly resulted in a stronger connection to all aspects of this course.

I can easily relate this shift of energy and focus regarding my blog participation to Katherine Hayles. She discusses “Hyper vs. Deep Attention”, and throughout the course of this class, I have demonstrated both in terms to my commitment to blogging. Whereas earlier in the semester I felt as though our posts and commenting was perhaps “busy work”, resulting in hyper attention in an effort to just “get through with it”, now my opinions have changed, and I find myself (when the time comes) focusing solely on the blog, giving it my deepest attention, thus, resulting in a higher level of dedication and participation…not to mention, fondness. Blogging is no longer a challenge or a chore, but something I have come to enjoy, and I believe that was apparent even in my first post after midterms:

In a Follow-Up to Class Discussion, I feel that I sparked a lot of interest in my classmates. I related my post to our in-class ‘apathy-turned-stimulated’ discussion of the Amish community and the sponsors which exist within. I questioned if it is as “terrifying” (as Fishman put it) to live a life like the Amish, and if there are any other groups that are similar. The responses to this post were plentiful, and it caused for a great conversation for all of us involved.

Another question I posed to my classmates, which seemed to spark a great deal of interest as well, was: Will Santa Survive? In fact, this idea was even brought into the classroom. It addresses the idea of technology’s advancements and the fear that they may have the power to dismantle dreams.

Speaking of which, a post that immediately struck my interest was, “Aha” Moment…Oprah would be proud. Here, Elle10a20 brings up the idea of separating technology from literacy and vice-versa. I found this idea to be intriguing because over the course of the semester I have found that, by linking everything to literacy, we have (at times) lost our way and made things more difficult. I discuss that in my response.

As I said at the start, my participation on our blog has certainly increased. Not only am I completing the obligatory posts/comments, but now I find myself checking back and continuing on with discussions/conversations. This amplified involvement has led me towards a “pro-blog-in-the-classroom” stance, and I really see no future classroom of mine without some online interaction!

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