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5 December 2011

Dear Professor Vee

As I discussed in my “Future of Literacy” piece my feelings about technology and education are changing. In all honesty at the beginning of the semester I was completely disenchanted by the idea of a class blog, or any blog for that matter, which I had previously envisioned as the product of any narcissistic computer geek verbosely spouting out his opinions on (insert subject matter here) in a manner that might make him seem cool to unknowing readers while simultaneously stuffing his face with potato chips, (which actually happens to be what I am doing at this very moment.) “I will not be fooled!” I promised myself and continued to scorn the blogosphere.

Now, however, I am beginning to view our blog as a medium, as a continuation of our class. I am trying to put technology in the classroom into the context of an enhancement rather than a replacement. I’m trying to see technology as an additional texture of academic communication and production.

That being said I believe that my posts during this second semester have been more genuine. I’ve tried to pay attention more and respond better. I post things that previously I may not have considered pertinent to our course. I also included more pictures as per both your request and my personal preference. All of the above are things I wish I would’ve done sooner.

The theme of the attached posts and comments is Literacy/literacy and power. In my post Laughable intellectual endeavors (sidebar: I just learned how to term words into links last night and I am so excited!) I talk about Losing Our Language by Sandra Stotsky, a book which asserts that multicultural curriculum, specifically in literary studies, is eating away at the great young minds of America—an obvious and desperate attempt to keep academic power in the hands of Anglophiles by basing learning materials off of imperialist European traditions and values. Similarly, in my response to Lexicon’s “Learning” German (sidebar: AHH! It’s still so cool!) I talked about the power of language to both connect people and enlighten the learner to new ways of thinking. I also indirectly touch on the control of language, (read: high school foreign language instruction falling into the hands of menopausal hags,) and how that affects one’s feelings and behavior in the learning process. Finally, in response to AndrewZ’s Literacy and Healthcare I get all heated up about English only policies in federally funded literature, (if it’s fair to call Driver’s Education packets as such,) and how these policies strip people living in the United States whose primary language is not English of their basic right to be informed and, thus, healthy.

So enjoy (re)reading my posts! Thank you for the opportunity to expand my little l literacy in blogging, which I actually—and I wince at the thought of concretizing this in writing—sort of enjoyed just a little bit.

Your friend,


P.S. Oh my god, blogosphere is a word in Microsoft Word’s dictionary.

P.P.S. I know I still overuse parenthesis.

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