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Dear Professor Vee,

1.) After reading Hales’ “Hyper and Deep Attention: The Generational Divide in Cognitive Modes” and talking about it in class, I was thinking a lot about the attention spans that are changing based on our evolutionary literacies of the world.  After wondering whether or not I fit into the category of skimmers and hyper/deep attention, I realized that I’ve got a bit of each in me. As much as I would like to be attentive to it all, I most-certainly am not.

2.) Now this post was the party of the blog. Nick’s post received a lot of attention because so many people could relate to it by either having a successful experience in foreign language or took it for many years and can only remember kitchen-phrases (“where is the bathroom,” “what is your name?”). I chose to include this in my portfolio because of the relevance that it had to the literacy interview with father John about the importance of communication and cross-cultural exchange.

The final post was about saving the school system. Towards the first half of the semester, we talked a lot about standardized testing and how literacy rates are measured. This article that I read, from Businessweek, talked about creating a tool that measured the students’ achievement more accurately. This tool would have to consider external factors, such as the environment, family, teacher, district, etc. I found it very interesting and wrote about it. I’m curious as to why this didn’t stir discussion, but I am interested to see what is to come in creating this tool.

Blogging felt more like a discussion than an assignment. It’s funny because I still do not know who’s with most of the usernames. The anonymity is freaky to me, but it’s interesting to not know who is talking, so this wipes out expectations and surprises. I did not look at the spreadsheet to check whose posts I responded to so I could keep it unbiased.

This form of technology in the classroom was one that I was able to squeeze some personality into because we are all coming from the same foundation of literacy studies. We were writing about the same articles and the same discussions.

Happiest re-reading,


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