Our Class, Is All Of It Useful?

When we were sitting in the Cathedral basement computer lab, we were instructed to e-mail Professor Vee our thoughts about whether or not we agreed with the article about students making websites as a part of their college experience. Since we’re actually working on making a website and it counts as part of our grade, we don’t have a choice in doing it really.

I don’t have a problem with making our own website, I actually enjoy the freedom it brings and the creativity we get to express while making it. I know that we have specific topics we have to cover as part of the assignment, but I think it will still be enjoyable. For one, I think it’s a nice change from writing essays for class, and secondly I think it is useful.

As the world becomes more and more dependent on technology, I find that even if we don’t have our own webpage made about ourselves, the knowledge that we obtained while making it will be useful. The internet is becoming more and more integrated into our lives every day, and learning how certain aspects of it such as how webpages work will help us out in the future when the internet will be more prevalent than ever.

So here are my questions to you: What do you think about having to make this website for our Fall Tech and Culture class? Will you enjoy it or detest it, only putting in the bare minimum? Do you think it will be useful in your future or not?

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4 Responses to Our Class, Is All Of It Useful?

  1. GABRIELLE says:

    For a lot of people, picking up how to code in html isn’t as easy as sitting down and fooling around with commands. Sure you could look at this assignment as being something that is “forced” on you, but honestly, I don’t know a lot of people that would be exposed to this opportunity.
    As an anti-computer geek, I might not see myself using this computer language anytime soon, but I’ve already been exposed to programing similar to this and I know that in my desired field, knowing how to manipulate a computer program is extremely desirable. Protein modeling requires CADD in order to manipulate a string of nucleic acids.
    In response to your question on if we as students should detest this or put in minimal effort, I say no. If your boss at work gives you a test your not fond of are you going to stomp your feet and give a half-asked job? My philosophy is to never look at anything as a task that’s being forced upon you, rather an opportunity to become more well-rounded and knowledgeable on something that could possibly help you in the future.

  2. JOHNE says:

    Personally, I am not excited about this assignment. It almost like learning a new language, except if you miss one period in the line of code it will not do what you want. I’m afraid I will do this quite often an not be able to figure out how to fix it. I understand that some people like to write code and manipulate computer programs, but that is not for me. When I get a program I want it to work as advertised. That is probably why I am so drawn to macs. They are not designed to be manipulated with; they are so user friendly and that’s why I like them.

    Back to the question…For now I am going to resent it because it is something new I have to put on my learning plate, unlike an essay that I already know how to write. However I know we will be using Photoshop and I really enjoy using that. When I first started Photoshop I wasn’t very good with it, but with practice I started to enjoy it and did a little on my own. Hopefully writing code will fallow the same path. Once I become more comfortable with it I will enjoy manipulating it. So in the end when it comes to doing the bare minimum, it will depend on whether I understand and enjoy coding.

    I should embrace this opportunity because like you said, the Internet is becoming more integrated into our lives and having these skills will be an asset in the future.

  3. Ferron says:

    I personally enjoy it but I’m biased as I’m fluent in HTML. So, for me, doing this assignment will directly impact me in years to come, but I know it won’t be like that for everyone.

    The people above me have mentioned that they don’t like being forced to do it but will because it could help them in the long run, maybe becoming a more well-rounded person, as Gabrielle said. I couldn’t agree more. This goes a bit beyond the questions, but I don’t expect to immediately use everything I learn in college. I can choose classes that relate more to me but there will inevitably be information I wouldn’t imagine using later in life. But there might come a point where the information is useful. I’ll give an example to explain things more clearly.

    A common example given is about Steve Jobs (I know he’s used everywhere, but just follow me). The story goes that he took a calligraphy class one year out of the blue. Now, what can you do with the dead art of calligraphy? Turns out, this made him appreciate type, and pushed for great typefaces and font rendering on the Mac.

    I almost feel like I’m giving a moral, but I learned that you won’t always immediately use the information you learn but it might change your thinking or impact you in some way.

    So, back to your questions. I think it’s good we’re learning at least a little bit of HTML because it’s good to understand how the language of the web works. And, who knows, you might have to use it for a future job.

  4. McFly says:

    I am a big believer in the integration of technology into our every day lives and this assignment gives us the chance to really see what it’s like to be creative on the mysterious Internet. We finally have a space to call our own in the online world and I think that I will try my best to make it as creative as possible. I for one am really excited about this assignment because making websites is something I never really had the means to do it, but now I do and I am psyched.

    I think that it will be very useful as well in the sense that most likely in the future most of our jobs will involve computers in some way and being able to go in confidently to a project or meeting knowing that you understand what is going on is a huge boost. Technology is only becoming more integrated so I think it is a god idea to embrace it and learn to work with it than to fight it.

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