Has it really been that long?

When we think of the 21st century and it’s relation with technology, we tend to think that companies are making upgrades on their products annually or every other year, but it has been six years since a major video game console has been released.  Smartphones, iPads, tablets, and computers that improve every time we turn our heads have shaken our world, but the video game world has been at a stand still without people realizing that much hasn’t happened in that industry.  Nintendo Company is releasing the Wii U this holiday season to appeal to an audience ranging from ages “5-95”, but with a different market for technology in 2012 than in 2006 it will be increasingly harder for them to have a greater market share of revenue.  This device will be handheld, but can also be used on a TV monitor so it’ll be interesting to see how this shapes the future of video games.

With handheld devices we can play games anywhere we go, so does it make sense to still invest in video game console systems that restrict our accessibility?  Video games systems are similar to desktop computers, as they have become less popular because of competition with mobile devices.  Do you think someday people will be playing XBOX and Play Station on the fly?  There are many intriguing answers to be discovered in the near future, and we’ll see how the market responds to a new type of  video game console release this holiday season.



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2 Responses to Has it really been that long?

  1. C_R_C says:

    Even though most of our devices are constantly getting smaller and more portable, I don’t think that the video game industry will be following that lead. You say that video game consoles and PC’s are losing favor with gamers because of the “app revolution” in smartphones, but we both know that isn’t realistic. Smartphones can’t push the quality of content that a console can, and it’s that reason that we as gamers trade that accessibility for more raw power. Not that I believe a game should be judged on graphics alone, but high-end graphics are one of the industry’s biggest fall-back selling points. The cards used to display these visuals can pull over ninety degrees Celsius when under load. Handhelds, especially smartphones, will never have enough space to deal with even the heat problems that true gaming has.

    In fact, excluding smartphones, the handheld gaming market is being largely phased out. The 3DS is an overblown technical demo for portable 3D (it also might make your eyes bleed) and the PS VITA barely gets three hours of operation out of a full battery. Most of the people I’ve seen with these devices aren’t even playing current games; they’ve “jailbroken” their systems in order to play classic games via emulators. As for the WiiU, I feel it’s another one of Nintendo’s gimmicks. Sure, I think a tablet controller is a cool concept, but what does it do for a game? If anything, it ruins the immersion that a GOOD game tries to create by pulling from the action to perform some mundane mini-game present on the tablet’s touch screen. You can also count of Nintendo to employ their infamous “out-of-stock” campaign, where they ship out nearly no devices in only small shipments until one year after release. It’s because of these unneeded additions to the console that the WiiU will likely fall into the realm of a small children’s console just like its younger brother. The remote control feature will probably be the only thing you use that big controller for.

  2. Lee says:

    Although consoles restrictive, it is a different type of gaming. A much more serious type of gaming. Console and desktop gamers usually demand a lot more from their consoles. They need to pump out a lot more through graphics and processing power. The Wii, WiiU, and other handhelds are not known for there serious, aggressive gaming.
    You lose so much from console to handheld. Power, immersion, and plus I just love large screens. My setup in college is just a mediocre gaming laptop. Back home, (im originally a console gamer) I’m missing my 60″ TV with 5.1 surround sound and Xbox 360. That is where the kids these day would say “I go hard”. With a setup like that I can get completely immersed in my game way more than I believe I could ever get on a handheld.

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