Sky City!

Sky City has been designed to house 31,400 people, to be constructed using 200,000 tonnes of steel, and serviced by 104 high-speed lifts.

Designed by engineers at the Chinese company Broad Sustainable Building. It will have 220 floors and stand 838m (2,749 feet) tall, that’s taller than two Empire State Buildings on top of each other!

The plan is for Sky City to house 31,400 people in spread across both luxury and low-income communities. Residential space will make up 83% of the tower, entirely serviced from within the building by schools, hospitals, offices, shops and restaurants.

Oh, one thing I forgot, they plan to build this in just 90 days and at a cost of only $628m! That’s 5 stories a day!

To put this in perspective, the 828m Burj Khalifa took a total of five years to build, and cost around $1.5bn.

How could they possibly do this? Think Legos. They are using 95% pre-fabricated modular technology that allows then to bring the already created pieces of building to the construction site and attach them together. Kind of like stacking Legos. However, dont be fooled, this skyscraper is not skimping on the amenities. This tower will house both low and high-income families. It is 5 times more energy efficient than a conventional building.  It will have 4-paned windows. Air purification.  It also has been designed to withstand earthquakes up to a magnitude of 9.0.

This technology could revolutionize the world. This will lessen the increasing housing crunch in the cities and decrease the amount of space taken up by the rising population.  Do you think these almost completely self contained cities will be the future? Are there any possible drawbacks? Would you mind living in one of these super skyscrapers?

Next thing you know we will have Cloud Cities like those on the planet Bespin. (Star Wars)

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14 Responses to Sky City!

  1. nickf77 says:

    Aside from the 15 minute, 3/4 mile elevator ride to my apartment, I’d love to live here. I’m not sure where exactly it’s located, but even if it’s not in its ideal position in the middle of a city, it’s be more than acceptable if it was standing off on its own somewhere. It’s an engineering accomplishment to say the least.

    I think what’s more overlooked, though, is the political implications. It’s no secret that China’s been on our heels lately economically and technologically. This would be a huge statement in the world, and could possibly confirm China’s legitimacy as a world powerhouse. China’s been doing some pretty impressive stuff lately, including some surprising advances in military technology.

    Somebody needs to design something like this in the US!!

  2. esf17 says:

    This “Sky City” is remarkable and truly unimaginable from my viewpoint. I would love to live in a facility like this and hopefully I would be with the wealthy class so I could attain a home that would have spectacular views of whatever city it happened to be in. It would be cool to live in a building that could host 31,400 people, but as nickf77 mentioned it would be a hassle to have to wait some time in order to get back to your room. Also, God forbid if a natural disaster occurred, how on Earth would we be able to evacuate that many people from one single building? Hopefully the government would be able to figure that out, but other than that it would be great to have this mega building dominating the skyline of a city.

    Since this structure will have schools, hospitals, and more to provide for the residents; I would see this as a trend in the foreseeable future for self contained cities. I don’t know if it would turn into a fad or not, but I would hate to see all cities across the world become like this because people may become prone to social isolationism as they would only come in contact with those in common living quarters. It will be very interesting how these Chinese engineers create this project and how it will affect human-kind years down the road.

  3. Jordhen says:

    I would not love to live here at all. It looks beautiful in the picture, however, I do not think my fear of heights would help me adjust to living here very well. Another thing that scares me is that it looks like it would sway in the wind. What if there was a hurricane or a tornado, or just a really bad thunderstorm? What if that thing fell? I don’t think it would be so innovative then, but that is just my fear talking.

    If I were not afraid of heights I would probably love to live here. It looks really cool and modern and I bet the views are absolutely amazing. The rooms are probably really nice too. I think technologies like this will be becoming more and more popular in the future. I mean this looks exactly like something out of a futuristic movie or something. I don’t think though that there will be more than one in a city but I do think that most big cities will have some type of building like this.

    Well I guess I could live on one of the bottom floors of one of these buildings. That would still be awesome and satisfy my fear of heights.

  4. usa2014 says:

    I don’t think I would like to live here at all but would enjoy it as a tourist attraction. Being in a wheelchair, I would have a very difficult time getting to my room unless I was on the ground floor. I think that living in this building and waiting for the elevators to get to the floor you are on would be about 10 times worse(random number exaggerated) than waiting for the Cathedral of Learning elevators. Those elevators are a pain to wait for even if I only need to go up or down one floor. Also, I like my peace and quiet. I would not enjoy trying to sleep with 31,000 people constantly talking and moving around in the building. It wouldn’t feel like “home” to me.

    As I said in the beginning, I don’t think I would like to live here at all, but would love to have it in Pittsburgh as a tourist attraction so I could visit it and be amazed at the technology that was put into building it. It is quite a remarkable task to accomplish in just 90 days. God’s speed to whoever decides to undertake this task.

  5. JOHNE says:

    This is amazing and quite innovative. How do you solve the housing crunch? Instead of building out over a large area, build up, makes perfect sense. It is also amazing that they will be able to build it in only 90 days by making it out of “Legos”. I was also surprised to see how cheap that will be. I wonder if that will cut down on the cost of living there.
    I wonder how housing all class levels in one building would be. Would they start with the lower classes on the bottom or the highest? I’m guessing all the upper class would be on a section of floors. This takes all sections of the city and puts them into one building. It could cause problems.
    Having schools, shops, and medical centers all in one place would be convenient, but there are drawbacks, at least for me. I like going outside and driving or walking to the store or where ever I’m going. Having a home, work, and everything else you need in one place could cause people to become too confined.
    Personally I like having a backyard. So I would not like living here. I feel like it would be like living in a massive hotel, which would get annoying. I like the engineering and innovation that went into creating the building, however it is not for me.

  6. GABRIELLE says:

    My first thought reading this: Litchfield Towers.

    I’m a Holland Hall brat living comfortable on the fifth floor with a decent view and a short elevator ride away to the ground floor. Regardless, I’ve seen the long lines leading up to Tower B and the patiently waiting students with loads of dirty laundry.

    Sure you could say China will provide the residence of this tower of terror with proper elevator to people ration but you’d be kidding yourself. This tower is supposed to house anyone from the upper class to the lower class. Have you seen economy class on an airplane. I’m a little skeptical that a model like this could work, without biases emerging. Will the upper class be gifted with private elevators while those less fortunate twiddle their thumbs as they wait for an elevator?

    Perhaps I’m old school but I can’t help feeling like this unorthodox way of housing people is going to fail miserably. At the end of the day, we can just wait and see.

  7. Miss Jackson says:

    I agree that the sky city would completely revolutionize the world, but personally I would not want to live in one. Besides from having a fear of heights, living in such a building where everything is right there with me would isolate me from the rest of the world.

    The way that neighborhoods are set up now, people have to leave their homes to go to the grocery store, doctor’s office, and school. But in the sky building, everyone would have their own separate society where everything that they need is basically at their fingertips. Because of this, they would probably never leave the building and would only interact with those living in the building. I know that in our society today, some people only interact with those in their own neighborhoods, but having a sky building seems to be encouraging this behavior and sending the message that this type of limited interaction is the way that it should be.

    Also I think that having such a city would definitely stir up some controversy. Yes, the building would house people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, but who would decide which individuals get chosen to live in such a society? Because everyone cannot be chosen, I think that people would begin to think that those who are able to live in the sky building will have some type of advantage over others. This will ultimately create even more of a division in a world that is already divided by so many other factors.

  8. McFly says:

    I think this is a great idea and a self sustaining city like this has been an idea for quite some time now. I think that they are great and can potentially save us a lot of space in our world and could potentially take over really cities by having these miniature cities in groups. But the only thing I’m really concerned about is leaving the self sustaining city. I heard once about a city like this and it had office buildings and shopping centers as well. Why leave at all? No sunlight? How will kids play outside or families go on vacations when everything you need is right there?
    I still think these are a great idea but I agree with what nick77 said, I would not be the biggest fan of riding and elevator 15 minutes to get to my room, but the concept behind the city is a great thing. It certainly is a way of the future and one of the most impressive features to me is the buildings ability to withstand a 9.0 earthquake. That absolutely blew my mind

  9. tchumphrey says:

    I was amazed when you discussed that the special material is able to withstand 9.0 earthquakes. I think this sky city would be extremely beneficial. It would take up such little space, be a completely functional building for families, house the low-income, and be extremely safe! Also, the fact that it could be built in just 90 days means little annoyance for surrounding residences and buildings.
    Of course there are the drawbacks: evacuations of the building in case of a fire or threat, long elevator rides, and the inability to leave your household often. I’m not sure I would enjoy living in one of these due to this; I wouldn’t want to stay in the same building for living, education, and shopping! That would drive me crazy.
    I also think it would be a threat to China, as they are economically prospering. It slightly reminds me of 9/11. I understand it wouldn’t be a business building, but the fact that the building is such an economic advantage, it may be a threat to other countries. I don’t think this is something extremely important to worry about, as it isn’t a business building like the Twin Towers were, but it’s still a fact to consider!

  10. C_R_C says:

    I’d like to start out by saying that I would never like to live a building like this. Creating an environment where people never have to go outside is unhealthy. I could understand if the project was developed as some sort of underground bunker meant to survive Armageddon, but building it above-ground as a skyscraper complex makes it more like a giant, hermetically sealed bubble-society. We’ve all read the dystopian novels in middle/high school, like The Giver, and sectioning off an exclusively indoor society is the first step towards societal issues. It’s also claimed to house 31,400 people but I doubt that figure is anywhere near what is COMFORTABLE.

    Unfortunately, I do believe that indoor cities like this are going to become the future. As the world population begins to spiral out of control, we will need to develop large and likely vertical solutions to housing people. Also, constructing buildings out prefabricated pieces is a revolutionary idea in construction that has only recently been employed. For a building as large and well fabricated as this one to be completed in only ninety days is an impressive feat and much could be learned about modular building construction from the completion of China’s housing endeavor. Thankfully, I believe that something like this existing in the United States is quite a long ways off; We simply just don’t have the population problem that China has to warrant such a building project.

  11. Leeroy says:

    I love the idea of moving upwards! The obvious concerns are stability, but there are very specific equations used to make sure that the building will withstand all types of wear and tear. I think that if every country could do this, and all over the place, we’d have less need to destroy the current environment, and it will also accommodate the growing population.

    Many people think that the earth has a certain carrying capacity, a maximum number at which once reached, the earth can no longer efficiently support any more life. Building upwards prevents the need to terraform the land, and we can also use vertical gardening techniques to continually produce more food for our growing civilization.

    Architecture like this makes me think of the faraway future that the earth holds in store, and how we as humans can continually battle any challenges that the universe throws our way.

    As an afterthought, architecture like this also gives me hope that we’ll continually build higher and higher, and hopefully someday a nation will create a space elevator. A space elevator is a massive building that literally reaches out to space, and the weight of this building is counterbalanced by the zero gravity of space. It currently costs thousands of dollars to send materials to space, but a space elevator drastically reduces this cost. Maybe someday we’ll start building in outer space as well :]

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