15 Weeks Later

Best comment: Why Learn Code?

2nd Best Comment: Sky City!

Best Post: Double the Rover, Double the Fun!

What can one person accomplish in 15 weeks? Well for this class, I’ve seen my writing skills improve, I’ve made friends, and I’ve learned what it takes to really write an interesting post. Starting out in this class, I heard we would do blogging and I thought “How hard could it possibly be? All I have to do is post every now and then and just comment generically on posts and I’ll pass this easily” but that was not the case. Professor Vee really challenged us and pushed us to be better than just average.

I read over some of my earlier posts, even from the last portfolio, and it’s safe to say that I have made leaps and bounds in terms of writing on the blog. My first couple posts were awful. They were just bland and looked like a robot wrote them, but since then I noticed my posts becoming more personal and interesting and it made me happy to see a progression in my writing. I chose the Rover post because I thought it was my best one yet. I added pictures, quoted the author in my post, and raised some interesting question. Before, I would find just a top article on a website that didn’t even interest me and would write a very generic article and then be done with it, but the post about the Rovers was easily my best one yet.

In my comments, I think that the code one was my best one yet as well because coding for me is a little bit of a challenge and something that I really struggle with and in that post I think that I express my views on it in a well supported and personal tone that I really liked. I personally liked the correlation between the learning of English in foreign countries to writing code. I thought that was kind of interesting and I’m proud of that comment. The “Sky City” comment was my second best and looking back on it could have used a lot of work, but still it was a solid comment.

Through blogging, it really taught me what it takes to intrigue a reader and I think that it carried over to my papers that I wrote this year. While I have come a long way, I definitely think that my writing, especially on the blog, needed more work. While my posts became better, I still think that they lacked substance. I definitely could have gone more in depth with posts in terms that I could have raised more questions and tried to really get the reader to think more about the issue addressed in the post. In my comments, I should have presented new information as well as my analysis and opinion of the original post. Being able to present new information and go in depth is still my biggest obstacle.

All in all, I’m glad I chose this class over any other seminar. Being able to write on a blog definitely beat writing even more papers. I didn’t really know what this class would be like when I first started and I wasn’t the biggest supporter of posting on a website like this, but it proved beneficial in terms of being able to take criticism and see everyone’s different views on topics that I posted or other people posted on. Everyone was always really supportive and fun to interact with on this website

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