Curtain Call

Pt. I


Comment: Want One Million Dollars?

Post: Pirates!

Pt. II

Before we begin, let me say, I can’t believe it’s over. This semester has been great and I must say that I loved taking this class. I found everything we learned very significant to our lives and helpful for the future. But enough buttering you up, let us venture onto my blog portfolio.


First, I really enjoyed the blog because I got to see so many different views on technology from perspectives both similar and certainly different than mine. This broadened my thinking and brought me to look at things from different angles. I feel that I will be able to better interact with many people I will meet in the future, remembering the different aspects that could affect a person’s opinion.

Looking back on my blog, comments and posts, I notice a few things. It was painful reading some posts because I could only fixate on the points that I failed to contribute. If we were able to revise our posts, I would indulge on adding great support for topics that I had already expanded on. Another thing I noticed was my organization—or lack thereof. When I read my own posts I see how my thoughts flowed, but I see many holes simply because I forget that not everyone already has that certain idea in their head. Again, if I could revise, I would do a lot of dragging, restructuring and adding to better make the statement flow. I would definitely also edit my pieces. The mistakes stick out like sore thumbs, which also make them painful to re-read.

The comments and post that I chose, I chose for a reason. All three (two being similar topics) are very prevalent in my life—Youtube and media legalities. I am very proud of my post on piracy because it gathered 12 comments from both ends of the spectrum. I try to write about what is relevant in my life as well as the lives of those similar to me, so I was very proud to see the response to that.

I love explaining my critical thoughts about these topics in writing rather than the more common conversational medium. In writing, I am able to gather my thoughts and order them to make my point the strongest, and better yet, I can go back and edit what I already had down to either add more, or omit what did not contribute to my claim. Writing allows time to really gather strong points to support your topic. And because of this class and how I learned about structure, I believe my writing will forever be more interesting than it was before.

I’ll miss this blog, for sure. In this 12-week process, I have learned to become a better writer and communicator of my thoughts in general. I gained insight on how technology is affecting my life through reading other classmates’ comments and similar experiences. I now see technology as a much more prevalent factor in my life, perhaps even being the most prevalent. I look forward to interacting with the new technology I encounter everyday. And considering where the future is headed, I am confident that I will adapt just as humans have since the beginning of time.

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