FINALLY DONE: John’s Final Blog Portfolio

1. Posts and comments



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2. Reflection

I will be the first to admit it; I dropped the ball with the blog this second half of the semester.  I was very busy with my other work and working on my website took priority in this class. Either way there is no excuse.

That being said, I did get something out of my blogging this second half.  I think my online writing has gotten better.  I have learned that you can have your own style and sound conversational while still making a coherent statement.  This has driven my posts and comments to be more personal.  One of the questions on the survey asked if we are comfortable writing behind the protection of a screen.  I think it is important to say things online that you would be comfortable saying in person.  I try to stay true to myself and beliefs whether I have the protection of the screen or not.

Getting better at this style of writing and speaking my mind has made my posts and comments stronger; specifically the comment I felt was my best. This comment was in response to the post about the spy drones over the United States.  I am very passionate about freedom and civil liberties.  This passion along with some allusions to 1984 produced a strong interesting comment that I hope will make people think more critically.  I chose the post I did because I thought it was the most fun and interesting I have had all year.  It is about skiing, my favorite activity.  It was easy to make it a fun post because I already knew the details therefore I could just have a conversation about it.  I also finally figured out how to get a picture in.  What makes it better is the fact that people learned from this post and others joined me in the excitement for the season.

In the first half of the semester I noticed that most of the blogs helped me discover the definition of technology.  Seeing that clothes and sidewalks were technologies helped me to see all aspects of technology in my life.  This second half has opened my eyes to some of the new technologies and applications; as well as the debates over these technologies and applications.  This can be seen with the post about deadly distractions.  It is a good example of new applications for common technology as well as a good discussion over how far it should go.

When writing on a blog or any public space, you need to remember your audience.  It is not just a teacher or maybe a peer reading this.  Anybody can read it.  This means that more people will see mistakes.  I should have kept this in mind writing my “It’s a great Say for skiing”.  It was just a simple typo, but I don’t want typos to influence how people view me as a writer.


I'm John and I live in tower c and majoring in biology. Im from a small town near Gettysburg PA. I play soccer and can't wait for winter so i can go skiing at 7springs. I am looking forward to this class and have a feeling we will be having a lot of good conversations.
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