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Final Blog Portfolio:

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Reflection: My blogging style has come a long way since the beginning of the semester. When we first started this assignment, I wrote boring, simplistic posts about topics even I wasn’t interested in. As my writing improved, I found myself incorporating better topics and more visuals to accompany the progression. As a result, I was able to stimulate better conversation amongst my peers. I noticed more people commenting on my posts and a greater sense of personal contribution on others’.


My writing style has gone from generic and excessive to purposeful and polished. My most noticeable improvement has been the elimination of all the fluff I used to incorporate. Though I have not perfected this technique, my usage of it has resulted in significant enhancement in my blogging style. My posts and comments prior to Oct. 17 were so consumed with meaningless nonsense; it was challenging to pinpoint the direction I had intended. I had a bad habit of including empty, scholarly words to improve the sophistication of my writing and I utilized general statements with little to no evidence reinforcing their purpose. Now my writing is more sophisticated without all of the bs.


I also think I’ve improved in challenging fellow readers to think beyond the expected. My comments and posts prior to the midterm blog portfolio were lacking in the sense of thought-provocation. Since then, I think my post and comments have encouraged my classmates to look at things from a new perspective and evaluate every possible angle. For example, my post about voting via smartphones triggered a variety of responses. Some thought it would be a great idea, promoting ease and efficiency. Others were convinced it was too much of a security hazard. And a few agreed with aspects of both arguments. I think when a post triggers an array of responses such as this it is a great demonstration of intrigue and proves the impact it had on other peoples’ thought processes. This was something I greatly lacked in the beginning of the semester.


Although I am very proud of how far I’ve come as a writer and blogger, I think I could’ve improved my posts by mixing up the visual aids a little more. My fellow classmates incorporated different topics using different forms of technology such as pictures, articles, videos, and audio, all to enhance the appeal of their individual posts. I think the incorporation of a video would’ve enhanced the appeal of my blog posts. While the pictures helped in grabbing peoples’ attention, I think a video would’ve been even more interesting and stimulated better conversation.


My blog posts have not only aided in my writing development but my relationship with technology as well. Through the conversations I’ve engaged in and the unique perspectives brought about by my peers, I’ve been able to define technology in a new way and appreciate more of its capabilities. Though I don’t always agree with its usage and fail to utilize it properly most times, I’ve found that there is always a demand and purpose for technology. People will always desire the things that make their lives simpler and more efficient, and that’s exactly what technology does. It has the power to connect us to distant family members and friends, manage bank accounts from the comfort of our own homes, and even live in sanitary conditions via running water. We have reached the point in society where technology is fully incorporated in everything we do and it is here to stay.

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