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This blog experience was very influential to me in many ways.  Before blogging I was more than good at the five paragraph essay format.  It was easy and simple and stayed the same.  Blogging is the complete opposite.  Although it can be easy and simple, the format and structure are almost never the same.  That was one of the main changes I had to get used to.  In some cases, one or two sentences could be a in a paragraph by itself.  Another change I had to get used to was the style.  Majority of the writing done in blogging has more of an informal, conversational tone to it because your audience is your peers that you know share the same interest as you.

When blogging, especially for this class, I did not want to repeat the same topics always or already covered.  I don’t want to post saying technology getting better and better or that we use technology so much because that is the obvious.  To be a successful blogger I had to think outside the box.

The mindset I had to be in when blogging is the mindset of an adventurer.  People can always tell through your reading if you’re passionate about your topic or not.  That’s why when I write, I pick something that really interests me so I can share with others hoping they’re interested too.  I also had to explore just like adventurers do.  I didn’t want to read an article and just summarize it for the blog; I wanted to convey my feelings and opinion in my writing.  In a blog, you just have to keep digging deeper and deeper into a subject to get other people’s minds stirring.  One great difference between the high school writing style and blogging is that when I explore, I get to ask questions and sometimes leave them unanswered.  Other bloggers doing the same thing as me get to answer the unanswered, respond to articles with their own opinions and views, and sometimes agreeing or disagreeing.

My main goal was to try my best to keep my peers engaged in my blogs.  In the blogs I asked questions, spewed facts, and tried to relate to them as well.  I think I did a pretty good job.  My goal for the blog was to have my audience, throughout the entire reading, pause to think or answer questions.  One thing I should have done to keep my audience engaged was to use other forms of media like videos or pictures.  Because my time management skills are weak, my blog participation was weak as well.  I wish I could have asked a few more questions, replied to more blogs, and posted some more of my own.




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