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My first semester as a college student has brought about many changes and experiences that seemed unimaginable in August.  Blogging was one of the new exciting challenges I was faced with and I have progressed substantially in online communication. Since we had our midterm blog assignment, I have become better adept at formulating answers to my peers’ blog questions as well as providing insight on my personal opinions.

The blogging style I have presented online has changed a bit, as during the first half of the semester I was very spontaneous with my posts, as I did not have any sources.  I relied on my mental memory, but what I found out is that researching information on any topic makes your work stronger.  It enables you to cite real life examples such that was presented when I posted about Nintendo’s Wii U late in the semester.  Also, what I had changed with my approach in these last few weeks was to try to learn new tech related jargon in order to bring more attractiveness to my posts.  This process has enabled me to fully understand what I’m blogging about and has also permitted me to comprehend what my peers are posting about.

My work on the blog website has some strong points associated with it.  I started to insert images into my work so it would not all be boring black text that was found in my posts created in the first half of the semester.  This gives visual learners an opportunity to see an image that connects to the text of the blog post, thus easing the comprehension of my post.  As I gained experienced with online writing and become more accustomed with the process, I started to write more casually than I would normally be inclined to do on an essay.  This allowed me to bring a more personal side to my writing and views on different subjects, which are usually found on blog sites.

Looking back at my posts throughout the semester, the one thing that I could have done better was to have more cumulative knowledge of new technological innovations.  I witnessed some of the information my peers were posting, and wish I could have implemented more advanced ideas into my posts.  While composing my post about the newspaper industry, I should have provided more statistical analysis to provide support in my claim that my generation reads a daily newspaper at an all-time low.

The posts I have presented on my blogging space have not only taught me how to write online, but it has surprisingly enhanced my essay composition tremendously.  I was very doubtful about writing on a public space at first, but after realizing it was a great way to engage with others that have diverse viewpoints on similar issues it was a great overall experience.  Putting stuff online can be dangerous as anyone can see it, but it enhances the overall miscellaneous knowledge for society as a whole.

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