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Blog writing is different. We all know that, and we’ve been over it many times. I gave the assertion in my midterm blog portfolio that I was nowhere near a professional blogger’s status, style, and expertise, and that still holds true. I can say, though, that I’m closer. I feel more comfortable writing on the blog than I previously did. I feel like my posts and comments fit in more on the blog, and I’m assuming everyone who reads them feels the same way. I’ve reformed my own writing stylistically and made it much more blog-worthy.

Topically, too, I’ve improved. Earlier in the year, I read the blog’s posts, presented an idea or two of my own, and exited the blog. I gave almost no thought to the comments, ideas, or positions everyone else was taking on a particular subject or in general, and because of that, my writing tended to be relatively repetitive and boring. More recently I began to really analyze others’ comments on a post before I made my reply, after realizing that almost all of the comments on any one particular blog post are nearly identical. I instead decided to make a habit of replying to a specific commenter or to a specific point in the original post. These targeted replies occasionally tended to be slightly more snarky and pessimistic, but they perpetuated the post’s intended argument much better than the all-too-common fluffed up 300 word “I agree with what you said.”

My participation on the blog has been nowhere near perfect, nor would I ever try to pass it up as such, but I genuinely believe in the most selfless way possible, that I have one of the most unique “voices” on the blog. I don’t want to blow my own horn, but if there’s anything I’m proud of regarding my blogging improvements, it’s the fact that I’ve been able to create a unique, (hopefully) easily distinguishable style of communication, even if that style needs to occasionally be pessimistic, criticizing, or snarky.

Looking past the specifics, however, this blog has helped me form a better sense of the similar but differentiable world of online writing and communication. I’ve been reading and even writing on the internet for just about as long as I’ve used a computer, but I never really gave any thought to how different an online form of communication can be. I’ve definitely seen pieces of writing online that were incredibly better than others, but I never stopped to think why that was the case. Now knowing the difference, I feel more knowledgeable even just reading online forms of writing – a feeling that’s magnified when I produce my own writing online. In short, thanks. I’ll owe a lot in my future to my experience with this blog.

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