So, How Have I Improved?

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I have to say, it was interesting to look back on my best comments from the midterm portfolio. They were good but I know I have improved since I posted those comments. My newer comments are more in-depth and draw a lot from outside sources, bringing in someone else’s opinion on the matter.

The comments are also longer which, in itself, doesn’t mean anything. But the reason they’re longer is because I commented on posts on which I had a lot to say, not just the ones that were interesting.

Picking a best post wasn’t hard as I only had one to choose from. My second post was supposed to be on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and I made plans in my head for picking a topic and writing it a few days before so I could just hit the “Post” button on that Sunday. Obviously, that didn’t happen and the post never got written. Despite that, the one post I had is still a bit of an improvement over the last one I had in the midterm portfolio.

I talked about a current event, Guy Fawkes Day, and presented both its history and what people are doing now on that day. I brought in a couple articles to support the fact that hacking on November 5th has happened before. However, I don’t think I have as much improvement in this post as I did with the comments. My main problem there (and one that I’ve mentioned many times) is that I didn’t go into much depth. I read over this post for the portfolio and it feels like I’m reporting news and then just tack a question on there. There doesn’t seem to be much analysis going on. I think if I wrote the post a few days in advance I might’ve been able to think over the information, giving me time to really analyze what the day means for our security.

From the midterm portfolio the difference from my posts to comments hasn’t changed but I still think they’ve improved in quality overall.

Switching to the blog as a whole, I can definitely say this blog will influence my writing on other blogs. Truthfully, I don’t think I’ll write exactly the same insightful comments on the ones I frequent but I have a feeling they’ll be more informed. By that I mean I won’t post a kneejerk reaction to a post I don’t agree with but rather consider their point and acknowledge it in my comment. I’ll also go a bit more in-depth and see if I can incorporate other articles as well (where applicable, obviously). So, overall, I’m glad we were required to post and comment on here!

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