Part the First. Showcase of Best Blog Post and Comment


Part the Second. Reflection on blog-post and performance.

In short: I’ve posted… less than I should have. My writing has returned to a level of proficience similar to what it was at the end of my senior year of high-school, though it’s not where I’d like it to be; I’m not as skilled — as far as formal writing is concerned — as I need to be. I tend to be sarcastic, humorous — I tend to incorporate emotion, as I write in a style I find familiar and interesting.

I wrote more blog-comments and posts than I submitted; a few times, I’d write things, then forget to submit them. That’s happened four times, and I’m still disappointed in myself (I remembered their existence a few hours prior to beginning this work) for neglecting those assignments.
I think I’ve done a decent job sharing that belief; I’ve expressed the basic tenet of my morality (“Nothing that cannot choose for itself how it acts can be good or evil”), and done my best to argue points, playing off points I felt were inconsistent or incorrect. I’ll admit I didn’t add as much as the majority of my peers, but I still added a bit.

The posts were strong, as far as argument is concerned, and coherent; every part fit together, and made sense. They were utilitarian works.

Stylistically, they lacked fluff or polish, which is something I need to work on (and was an issue present in my site). I prefer more minimal designs, which tends to correlate with what I present to others; however, I’m not going to try to say that I wasn’t a bit less than fully involved in what I posted.

Long story short, they weren’t bad posts; they had a decent level of quality, but the quantity was not there. I didn’t post what I should have, which is something that’ll infringe upon my ability to perform (in university and beyond) unless I correct that.

I’m also having trouble with length, which is something that has plagued me since the beginning of the semester (and though it’s improved since the midterm, I still had difficulty getting this beyond three hundred).

That, of course, is something I need to work on. If thousand-word essays, five-hundred word blog posts, that sort of thing proves difficult, then I don’t know how I’m going to do on ten-page papers and whatnot.
But that aside, improvement has been made; I’ve completed the semester with more skill than I started, and the ability to gather more.

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