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My blogging style is me. I talk through my writing the same way I would if I was talking face to face with you. I’m usually very laid back, casual.  I believe what made my posts strong was that they are usually entertaining, pertinent, and always offering my opinion. I find it is very important to make a connection with your audience while blogging. In some way bring them into your life, make them feel like they are your close friend even if they just started reading your writing. I try to do this in my writing, usually by just being me. I mention talking to another one of my friends and that starts off my topic for one of my posts, while using casual language, makes the post inviting.

Another great way of making my posts inviting was pictures, people love pictures. On my most recent post about Sky City, I had a huge picture on the top and then another going up the side of the post. This grabs the audience’s attention and keeps them for the conversation.  My blogs are my opinions, I don’t say what I think people would want to hear, because what is the fun in that?  I feel my posts do pretty well, if you judge them by their comments. My two most recent posts have gotten 8 to 10 comments; I believe this is above average for number of comments on a post. This is also a larger average than my two posts with the most comments before the midterm. Although, that can’t really be used to judge a post, it at least means people are interested in what I have to say.

I chose as my favorite post because I thought it was one of my more personal posts, that being that I didn’t find it on a source online. I actually thought about it on my own and thought it would be cool to share. I believe it goes with our class material very well. If I were to fix something in this post, of course it would be the organization and any grammatical/spelling errors, but also the lack of pictures. I think the title brings people in, but a picture would help a lot. I actually just looked up “” in Google images and I found out it is actually a real thing, isn’t that cool?

Generally speaking now, the blog was pretty cool. Well, maybe not being forced (“forced”) to write, but the conversation was interesting. Seeing other people’s opinions on the things I post is exciting. It’s always nice knowing that someone thinks what you do. Even if someone doesn’t necessarily agree with you, it gives you another point of view that can help give you a better understanding.

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Dan’s Final Blog

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My blogging style for the second half of the semester has become so relaxed that as I read over my posts, I see that I could have done a much better job getting my points across.

I do think I did a good job at presenting ideas and posing new questions in my “Best Post”. I think that this post caused those that responded to think about questions that I posed and think of new questions on their own.  I think my last blog comment was my “Best Comment” for this second half of the semester because the futuristic topic interested me and I took the time to watch the video that was attached.  Taking the time showed in my comment blog.

I had stated in the mid-term blog portfolio that I needed to work on adding more detail to posts and comments as well as be less redundant.  I improved slightly on being less redundant but did not improve on adding more detail to posts and comments.

At the beginning of the semester, I was concerned about how everyone would interpret my point of view and worried that my writing style was not as strong as everyone else. I can tell that I am over that not because I think my style is as strong but because I have become more stressed for time as the semester has progressed.  Juggling school workload with sled hockey schedule was not as easy as I had hoped it would be.

I had hoped that my blogging would improve in the second half of the semester and I would be able to reflect more positively on them in this final portfolio. I cannot honestly say that I have improved over my mid-term blogs.  My comments seem much more rushed than they were in the first half of the semester.  In addition, I realized after a deadline that I had missed posting a blog when it was my group’s turn because I had returned to school late from a sled hockey tournament. No excuse. I am learning the hard way that time management is key to being successful. It not just about getting work done but getting it done well.


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Final Blog Portfolio

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Throughout my time spent writing blogs this semester I have learned many things. Before this class I did not even know how to write in a blog style. This was the first time I ever posted or commented to a blog site.

My writing has developed a lot since the first blog I ever wrote back in September.

One thing I have learned about writing is that it does not always have to be formal and boring. In high school the only writing we did was research papers. I was used to and comfortable writing that plain old five paragraph essay, but then when I got to college where we completely changed that view. Now we have learned that writing in a different style is okay, especially in the blog.

The blog, which I take, is not supposed to be formal, has a whole different style of writing. With the blog it is okay to be informal. I like that aspect of it. However, the blog is typically informal for the most part but it does have a sense of formality to it. The style is like informal with a pinch of formal so you don’t sound uneducated. It was a little difficult to grasp this style at first because I was so used to one style of writing, but I think that as I posted more and more I understood how to combine the formal and informal concepts. This has helped my writing overall because I am no longer stuck writing boring formal papers. I have learned a balance of formal and informal which is a more interesting style of writing.

At the beginning of the semester I did not incorporate videos or pictures into my blogs very much. I tried once but I could only figure out how to get the link on, which didn’t look very pretty, after learning a little bit of html though I figured out how to get images to show up on my posts. My first post above is the first image I successfully added to one of my posts. I was so proud that I figured it out but I was a little disappointed because once I figured it out it seemed so simple. Hopefully my new found knowledge does not go to waste.

The blog, no matter how much I did not really like doing it, taught me a lot about writing and technology both. I have learned how to develop my style of writing and also I have opened my mind to new questions and ideas about technology. Commenting on others’ posts has helped me to open my idea of technology. Now I have more of an open mind of what technology is. I have learned to accept the questions that come up in my head and use them to further my ideas instead of ignoring them because they do not agree with me. The blog has taught me a lot and it was definitely a benefit to my writing.

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The Blog Experiment Result

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Before I delve into my blog writing, I’d like to begin by stating that posting and commenting to the blog has been the most interesting, enjoyable, and enriching aspect of the class for me. It’s provoked so many great discussions both in class and outside of it, and the opportunity to write online in this way has given me a chance to develop a more refined “web-tone” than I ever could have otherwise. As someone who is very passionate about today’s technology, the blog was a great outlet for me to both share my opinions and hear those of my classmates on some truly relevant issues we experience with it today.

That being said, the experience of writing to the blog made a big impact on how I approach web writing. The most apparent change I noticed when I began writing for the blog was how much more comfortable I was with utilizing a conversational tone. My writing in high school had always been extremely formal, and very inflated with useless language, so the blog forced me to do nearly the exact opposite. The emphasis on creating a short, to-the-point post helped me develop better concision in all my writing, while the nature of the blog allowed me to use a more direct, conversational, and personal tone. This transition to a new style of writing was not easy, but I feel that my blogging style has become far more relatable that it was at the beginning of the semester. In the second half of it specifically, I worked on cutting back on my occasional passionate ranting, which is a nasty side effect of my conversational tone. Instead, I utilized examples from both my personal experiences and tech-geek knowledge to assist me in driving home my points, which can be seen in all my selected blog content, but most apparently in my comment on “Who’s Watching Who?”. However, I feel that my content could have greatly benefited from some media content that would help support them, such as picture or video examples to assist my written ones, or possibly some humor to lighten up the occasional doom and gloom topics.

All writing development aside, the greatest impact the blog had on me throughout the semester was the ways it changed my views on technology. Most, if not all, of my posts and comments are concerning current technology, but the discussion brought about by the blog helped me realize that technology is far more encompassing than just the latest gadgets. As an avid tech-nerd, I’ve always believed in constantly pushing the bleeding edge, but my classmates’ blog content along with class discussion helped me realize that the implications of these new technologies can often have drastic negative effects. Along with assisting in defining my own personal tech-philosophy, the blog has given me a great amount of experience in developing a voice that I can use to effectively write for the web. It’s a skill that I’ll certainly have to use in the future, especially as I am pursuing computer science as my major. My writing outside of the web has also changed for the better due to the largest requirements of web writing: concision and clarity.

Overall, I feel that the blog has made a lasting impact on both the way I write and how I think about technology. The rapid, radical departure from my formal, inflated writing style was not one that I expected when entering a first-semester writing course, but it “sink-or-swim” situation that it put me in helped me develop a true voice for myself through writing, both on- and offline. I’m upset that our class’s time with the blog is over, but the experiences I’ve had with it throughout the semester have been pivotal in shaping me as a writer. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start my own blog!

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Jeremy’s Blog Portfolio

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Throughout my “blogging career” (which spans only this semester), I’ve learned a number of ways to make my posts better. A good blogger needs to engage well with the readers, elaborate points thoroughly, and draw attention to their posts. Certainly, I’ve tried to take on all these qualities. I don’t find my posts to be “great” by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, I can say, without a doubt, that my posts have progressed in quality since when I started and where I am now. However, I do think a few things have impeded my progress.

Procrastination and a close minded attitude have been the main causes of a slower progression rate. Procrastination is something that I’ve continue to deal with for a while.  I know I should do work, but I just continue to hold it off. By the time I finally decide to do my posts, I just find myself wanting to get it over with. As a result, I don’t put my best foot forward. Furthermore, I suppose I could have had a better attitude about the blog. I guess I just couldn’t see much of a point for the blog. It just seemed very petty to me. Blogging can be fun when it’s not forced, but in this case, it was just out of the way. Nevertheless, blogging has helped me learn how to improve my writing, specifically in other, less professional styles.

Throughout observation, one thing I do well is write in a way to spark conversation. Obviously, a huge part of this is picking interesting topics to blog about. In my two best posts, I talked about why not to learn code and where technology is headed. For the former, this was a very relevant topic with us working on our websites. When something is relevant, it, by nature, sparks conversation. On the other hand, no one wants to talk about something they can’t relate to. For the latter, I believe I chose a very interesting topic to write about. Thinking about the future, and how advanced technology will be gets people excited, and open to talk about it. Additionally, I think taking a hard stance has helped me spark conversation. In my post about learning code, I write “Quite frankly, I can’t really find much of reason why to learn code.” Taking a hard stance makes people more likely to argue. If one is wishy-washy, then readers don’t really have a reason to make a hard stand for one side or the other.

Although I do have strengths of my blog writing, I can’t say I have a particular blogging style. I believe I have a good sense of humor, but it’s hard for it to come out in this blog. The main topic, technology, although fairly interesting to me, just isn’t very conducive to humor for me. I suppose part of this is because the blog is forced. If I was blogging on my own time, I would have put a better effort towards letting my humor show through in my posts. Also, although technology interests me, it just doesn’t interest me enough. I often found me searching for topics to blog. Without inspiration, writing can come out, well, uninspired. Resultantly, my humor didn’t come through. But, in regards to actual style of my blogging, I think I presented my arguments fairly well. I expanded on the topic concisely, and covered most bases that I wanted to.

Certainly, I believe there are several things I can improve on in my blog writing. For one, I could draw attention better. More clever titles and videos or pictures can go a long way towards this. I included a picture in only one of my posts, but it didn’t really add much. Furthermore, I think I can work on finding topics that particularly interest me. If I actually care about the topic, then I believe my writing would come out more inspired, and resultantly better. Lastly, I can work on making my writing concise, but at the same time covering all points. This in general is a rule for all forms of writing.

Although my opinion of the blog comes out as mostly negative, I am thankful for it. By reading other’s posts, it has helped me recognize some of the weaknesses of my writing. Furthermore, although I pretty much only look at the blog for when I’m posting, it has opened me to new technology. Without this blog, I probably wouldn’t have come across all of the newest technologies on my own time. I wouldn’t say this blog has changed my opinion or realization of technology in my life. I’ve always realized technology is a huge component of my life, and this blog has necessarily furthered that view. But it has opened me up to the newest technology.

Blogs, in general, are great. They can help bring people together, and form some sort of online sense of community. People with common interests can all come together, and share their views. Subsequently, any blog can help challenge and further one’s views. Understanding both sides of the argument has helped me broaden my views on this site, and any blog in general. The opinions and information is generally the best part of blogs. The wealth of both of these entities online seems to be much more prevalent and accessible then in the real world. By just reading a blog, I can collect far more information then from finding a bunch of people in real life to talk to about a subject.

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And to Conclude…

Gabby Dziuba’s Final Blog Portfolio

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In order to fully understand my own blogs and my own writing style, I need to draw attention to the blogs made as a class. I wouldn’t be able to improve or formulate my own opinions through blogging if it wasn’t for the stimulating posts that were brought forward by my classmates. Throughout the semester, I have found the information about technology presented not only a source of new knowledge but also an explosion of new questions that make me think deeper and longer about what I really believe.

With these stimulating posts came my strengths. I tried to take the time to really understand the questions asked by my classmates while posing some of my own. I tried to, in many of the situations put my own life into whatever situation was presented. By doing so, I was able to fully explain the answers I gave. Since the midterm, I’ve attempted to improve the quality of my posts by responding to the questions asked and not just giving my own opinions. I’ve also tried to respond to the other comments, and to make sure that I was reading through these comments in order to not put repeat ideas.

There will always be room for improvement. I feel as though my individual posts could use the most help. I always have a hard time finding something to post about that it not only interesting but I have a strong belief in. I really wish I could have came up with better and more interesting posts to write about and share. With future blogging, I hope to retain a more conversational tone and present posts that are also visually stimulating.

I’ve always been a fan of reading online websites. Usually, I peruse around news sites and brush up on some current affairs and new advances in medicine. After reading through the articles I always took a few minutes to see what the comments were. After reading the voice of the public I was always filled with my own thoughts about the topic but for some reason, really never had the courage to create my own account and make a post. With this blog, I’ve learned that exchanging ideas by way of an anonymous name on the web really isn’t at all that scary. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks as long as you stay true to your own ideas and present them in a respectful yet intellectual way.

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Lee’s Final Blog Portfolio

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I believe I switch between a few different styles of blogging, such as presenting an element that I find interesting, or trying to provoke a critical thought. I think of my blogging style almost as an inspirational realist, where I deny things that aren’t real, but bring up wildly rare possibilities that definitely can/do happen. I’ve noticed this in a couple posts, from this half of the semester and from last half. I’ve realized this blogging style especially in my new posts, in one I describe the availability for money to be made if you make it famous on YouTube. I wanted to post that article ever since very recently discovered Bo Burnham, a singer/songwriter/comedian who achieved over a hundred million video views in about four years. I realized that if I had time I could probably make some sort of video channel that attracts many viewers, and wondered what other people would talk about. That’s part of my inspirational aspect. My other post was about the ability for humans to retain information from video games and videos, but not so much from textbooks. This leads to a huge opportunity for education and entertainment to merge, with a few video games already helping us learn facts. This encourages critical thinking and again, realism, due to the fact that it’s possible if we spend time thinking about it and producing it.

These posts were strong because they bring something real to the table, something that can be done in our day and age. Hell, somebody could make a viral video overnight. I think they’re also strong because they’re interesting. Who wouldn’t want history class to consist of shooting your enemies while learning the facts? I think what could have made these posts stronger was if they were to be longer, and thus incorporate more thought. I find that when somebody poses an idea, it’s easy to come up with a solution when the author of that idea also poses a solution, so that you have something to base your own ideas off of. In my post about video games and education, I didn’t really say how we could achieve any goals; just simply that it is possible.

Since initially writing on the blog, my writing has definitely become more interesting. I learn a lot from example, and reading other people’s posts on the blog has led me to see not only what topics people find interesting, but also how to present a topic in a way that makes people think and want to comment. Links and pictures obviously help, so I try to add those too, even if it’s completely useless towards getting information across to the reader.

I believe that communication online is very important, and to get people to listen to you, you have to be a good speaker. That gives blogging and the posts that we add to the blog value; it’s like learning a new language through immersion.

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Facebook vs Europe: Cyber War Rages

In Austria, a group of students have waged war against Mark Zuckerberg and the company that we all know and love; Facebook. A group of Austrian law students have set up a crowdfunding site to fight against Facebook and sue them for not complying with European privacy laws. Facebook, whose international headquarters are located in Ireland, have been hounded by this Austrian group since 2010 and have not let up since. Max Schrems, the leader of the Europe vs Facebook movement, told Wired that Facebook has done about 10% of what they wanted them to do and have only complied with a few of the 22 complaints that the group has against them. Schrem really wants the Irish Center for Data Protection to pressure Facebook into complying with the European Privacy Laws.

Obviously this is mainly a legal matter, but does this group really have the right to do this? Has anyone else complained about Facebook enough to warrant a war against them? I’m not saying that Facebook is the innocent one in the situation; when expanding your company, it seems common sense to know the laws to where you set up shop. Do you think Facebook should look into this seriously? Or should they take their time and just see if this dies out?

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Double the Rover, Double the Fun

Two Rovers? Why not!

A few of you may remember the Mars Rover that landed a little bit ago? Well NASA plans on landing two of these on Mars in 2020! Over at, Adam Mann reports that, ” Such a sample-return mission has long been a dream of the planetary science community since it would allow them to conduct experiments that would be impossible on Mars.” Recently announced at a conference, NASA stated that the next rover is built out of Curiosity’s spare parts, but both rovers will feature new tools being paid for with NASA’s shiny $1.5 billion new budget leading up to the launch in 2020. The biggest technology that the scientists want to be on the next mission is one where there rovers would be able to carry and bring back samples for NASA to study.

While this is exciting news, several scientists are complaining about how NASA seems to be obsessed with Mars when they could be spending money to visit Saturn and its moons or Mercury. Curiosity ran over budget, reaching $2.5 billion, and was delayed two years, so the scientific community is torn with this decision. No other new missions have been announced, so NASA seems to have put all it’s eggs in one basket.

Do you think that NASA should branch out with their explorations and projects? Or should they keep pursuing Mars?

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Final Blog Portfolio

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Since the midterm blog portfolio, I believe my writing has developed. Before, my comments and posts were unpleasing to the eye. The formats were very blocky and lacked pictures or links. Now, in my best blog post, I have a picture of WALL-E and the paragraphs have a space in between them, making them easier to read. In my second best post, I remember having trouble with incorporating a picture, so I added a link instead. Though it’s not as eye-catching as an image, I still think it makes readers wish to view the post more.

Another way I’ve improved on making readers intrigued by my post is by writing about more exciting topics. In my two posts I’ve chosen, I analyze WALL-E and Hurricane Sandy (which was, at the time, a huge topic). In my chosen best comment, I use Iron Man as an example in response to the prompted questions. These are all things that I feel my classmates would like to read, as they’re movies and topics that are current interests in our society. Using the movie examples enhance my writing because by using these, I am able to make connections between fiction movies and contemporary issues. Prior to October 17th, my best comments and post topics discussed an idea of a death machine and the two comments only reiterated the same ideas that the posts mentioned. I also think I’ve captured the attention of my peers more since previously by my titles of my posts, “Is WALL-E Really all that Strange of a Movie?” and “Hurricane Sandy AKA Hurricane Publicity.”

One thing I believe I can improve on is having a permanent stance on something. I normally have a specific stance on an argument, yet I often contradict myself. This is seen on my best comment and my comments on “Sky City, “‘Based on a True Story’ Potential!”, and “”. Though I do end up having a specific stance in my comments, they all sound as if they aren’t definite because I tend to sympathize with the other side of the argument.

Overall, the blog has allowed me to really develop opinions about technology. The fact that everyone questions technology in their own style forces other to think critically about everyday life. If our class had all written in the same format, it would make the blog extremely mundane, causing no one to want to participate and write back dull comments. Even if every blog post had a picture or link in it, but was all written the same, it wouldn’t push me to reflect, but rather get the assignment done as quickly as possible.

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