Hyperattention… Continued

Forgive me, all, for backtracking to last week’s class, but I’m still thinking about what the heck happened in the hyperattention class. Even almost a week later, I’m tensing up remembering the craziness.

First off, from a lesson planning perspective, I thought it was absolute genius. I know that sounds like brown-nosing, but please hear me out. The typical classroom dynamic was completely thrown out the window, we were not necessarily working as individuals or groups, and our activities were structured, yet unstructured at the same time. Just these two aspects alone can lead to confusion, which was the objective. And with the addition of the hyperstimulation, chaos reigned. Prof. Vee certainly got her point across!

As someone with attention issues, this class was a major challenge. Thank goodness we didn’t have to produce anything grade-worthy to submit, because I would have failed the assignment miserably. With all the noise, distractions, and confusion, it was the perfect storm for someone like me; concentration was impossible. Before the first song finished (was it Beyonce?), I was already clenching my teeth and my shoulders were getting progressively tighter. Coping strategies to maintain concentration went out the window, and I just hoped that maybe the next activity require less attention than the one before it.

By the end of class, I had a raging headache and I craved silence. I could channel Jane Austen right now, and talk about “my poor nerves.” But a week later, I’m still thinking about a particular class and how effective it was. And that fact alone tells me that maybe it made an impression on you all as well. When someone says that they have ADHD, you might be able to empathize with them a bit more, now that you know just how chaotic things can seem. Maybe when we have students with ADHD we can remember this class and design lesson plans that minimize distractions and environmental noise. I’d say that the headache was worth it.



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One Response to Hyperattention… Continued

  1. AJANI says:

    That class did leave an impression on me and now after reading through your post I am left with a new impression. Throughout that class I never realized that I could have possibly been placed in someone else’s shoes. Especially in the shoes of someone who could have ADHD. I will definitely keep this in mind for my future classroom, especially since I will have such a young group of children. I am possibly thinking of doing a lesson similar to this to make a point just like Professor Vee did. Hyperattention has been such a interesting subject for me since I hear the term ADHD being thrown around all the time. When a child can’t sit still, I feel like it is the first term that gets thrown out and that it needs to be fixed. Everyone learns in different ways and what if hyperactivity is just the thing that certain people need in order to learn better. I think that class is definitely one that will stay in my thoughts for a long time and one that will definitely affect my future classroom.

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