Thanksgiving Literacy

I noticed that I am beginning to find literacy skills and literacy events in everything that I see and almost everything that I do. On thanksgiving, I noticed a bunch of bustling bodies around my kitchen and everyone seemed to know what they were doing.

My stepfather is a professional chef and throughout all the years that I have known him I have never seen him open a cookbook or look at a recipe. I told him how I looked up a recipe for a dish that he had made and he laughed at me and told me that I should just know these things. I guess my food literacy just isn’t up to par. I tried to help him cook thanksgiving dinner but it was extremely difficult because he would expect me to know what he was going to need or do next and I just could not figure it out that easily. There was nothing else I could do but sit around the table and wait for someone to give me explicit directions on what to do next.

Another instance of literacy that I noticed is around the dinner table and afterwards. My aunt’s boyfriend is not Jamaican and does not always understand what we are saying or even what is going on at times. Around the table we would be speaking fast and I would notice that he would be glancing at me to try and figure out what was going on. Towards the end of the dinner, we were having our own conversation because we had gotten lost in all of what was going on. I guess our oral literacy skills in Jamaican Patois weren’t up to par either.

After dinner, everyone decided to watch a Jamaican comedy. I just could not understand some of the punch lines to the jokes and I ended up playing games on my Ipod and looking up and laughing when I did hear something that I did understand. However, everyone else around the table were laughing every other minute. I guess I know what areas in literacy I need to increase my skills in for the next family get together.


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