Resources I keep forgetting to share

Hi, digital-literates! Great to see you again last night.

I’ve been meaning to point you all to this fabulous piece by Richard Miller (a Pitt grad alum!) on “Reading in Slow Motion” (in pdf). ┬áThe accompanying blog post, “So Much Depends on the Carriage Return,” has a great reflection on open access publishing that you might find interesting. But the erstwhile journal article speaks directly to our “Moby Dick” conversation from a couple of weeks ago–the interesting practice of working on just one reading from many different angles. I’d love to try out the syllabus he describes there.

(And, incidentally, the class he mentions at the bottom of the blog post was my “Uses of Literacy” class, from Fall 2010. I learned of the article on Twitter and assigned it to my students almost immediately, as it spoke to some pedagogical questions we were exploring at the time. A lot of my students were fascinated by the syllabus and wish they’d had a class like that at Pitt.)

Also, in our edits for the Wiki-Comp this week, the recent piece in Kairos by Derek Mueller on distant reading CCCC Chair’s Addresses might be interesting. In form, it might also lend an answer to reb50’s questions in class about what technologies such as Wordle can allow us (and our students) to do or say.

Happy editing!

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One Response to Resources I keep forgetting to share

  1. Kerry says:

    Predictably, I love this. Slow-motion reading! (I also like reading books backwards.) Thanks for sharing.