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Nothing lasts forever, even this semester, and I’ve been trying to figure out for a few days now exactly how to say farewell.

I’m very pleased that the last word is going to the blog, because I’ve found the blog to be one of the most hilarious/interesting/inspiring/important parts of this course. It’s only fitting that a class focused around the word in the world, the physical word, would rely on multiple ways of making language reveal itself. And I never expected how much I would come to love this way in particular.

This isn’t the only course to have had a blogging component, but for some reason – perhaps the size of the class, perhaps its atmosphere – I had the feeling that both blog and seminar were continuations of a conversation we had begun and were not going to interrupt. In that way, class happened all week. It happened whenever I checked this space, or posted to it, or found a story that reminded me of it; it happened in 512 and in whatever room I used my laptop in; it was about fifty things at the same time, because we were able to sustain fifty trains of thought by recording them here.

I am a pretty quiet person, especially when I’m learning how to be bad at something. (As of yet, no one has hired me to design fonts.) But because “going to class” and “speaking in class” started becoming less and less distinguishable from this space, because there was such a sense of digital and analog camaraderie as we arranged files and built Twitterbots, “learning how to be bad” became kind of a joyful thing. There was not a sense that, in making something that didn’t work quite right, we had wasted time. There was a sense that making, even making off-kilter sentences and unhatched thoughts, was exactly how your time should be spent.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: right now, at the end of the semester, I have more questions than I ever did before, and that is really, really cool.

Noel asked if we ever decided what was and wasn’t writing. I don’t think there is an answer to that. But I think, right now, that you could interpret everything as writing, and to see the world like that – well, that’s pretty cool too.

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