And here, we arrive at an end

In a few minutes, I’ll email you all our class picture and my comments on your final projects. It won’t be enough.

What I can’t fully say is how much I learned from our discussions, how you taught me to see new things, to grapple with materialities of writing in a way that I find intellectually interesting and professionally productive. As I said when I opened the class, the I chose the topic because it was one I wanted to think more about, not because I was an expert. And now, we are all experts! In as much as anyone can be about such things as materialities and writing.

In our last day of discussion, which many of your refer to below, I felt honored by the ways you talked about your experiences in the class. I worry sometimes about being “soft” because I don’t call people out when I know they haven’t done the reading (yes, sometimes I notice) or because I let students find their own way, or because I do not have rigid standards about who you should cite and how. I’ve often felt that those practices only have the aura of rigor, and that collaborative, supportive, warm makingspaces where people feel comfortable failing are the best spaces to learn. You’re all top-notch smart. And so I enjoyed seeing you try, and fail, and try, and make, and succeed, and fail, and try again. This course was my own trial, and sometimes it failed, but largely, I think, it succeeded because you brought your energy and willingness to think and to play together.

Once a connection is made, it’s always, in some way, there. So keep in touch.



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