Encounter (n): The fact of meeting with (a person or thing), esp. undesignedly or casually. Const. of, with.

Just ne more reading/writing materialities photo
Just ne more reading/writing materialities photo

Dear Writing Materialists,

I have been thinking a lot about this word encounter. It is a meeting, a meeting potentially with tension or conflict, but I choose a more positive notion of the term. It is, as the OED has defined, “the fact of meeting with.” It is a given that we encounter a lot in graduate seminars. We encounter one another physically and ideologically, we encounter new ideas through readings and encounter our own expanded ways of thinking as we move to accommodate, extend, or even subvert the ideas we encounter. But the fact of the encounter is that it is always presenting. It happens now and we expect new encounters at each class meeting and at each post to this blog.

And now those encounters will become archived through this blog. Dated in the past, no longer the present. Encounters become memories, are taken in and brought to new lived experiences in new present moments. I am already nostalgic for you all and for this blog and this course. Many of us spoke fondly about how we will never see our writing and reading materials the same ever again — that our ways of reading our ways of writing are forever changed. For that I am grateful. I think of all of you each time I look at my kitchen table at my south-facing windows and document the materials scattered about, as they are now. I think to document it now and often.

I am grateful we have this archive to return to as traces of our very fruitful encounters this semester. I will miss the weekly warmth and generosity from you all. Warmest thanks, and all good things.

~ Moriah [Tablet]

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