As I was trying to think of a good way to begin my farewell post (which I started over a week ago), I realized — just about everything makes me think of materialities in some way or another. Just lately in my newsfeed:

– The competition for the oldest message in a bottle
– The famous last words of a vicar before his tragic drowning: “Do you think I am mad? Answers please, on the back of a piece of seaweed.”
– A short feature on the controversial art of skywriting, with “Engine-heated paraffin oil mixed with exhaust to produce fluffy streams of white smoke that pilots loop-de-looped into letters on the sky’s canvas.”
– The debunking of the “switch to Garamond and save a ton of money” situation.
– More typewriter art, in an anthology.

…and much, much more.

(ETA: Comic sans apparently got a makeover.)

Ending there: it was so much fun to see everyone’s projects today — and I am so delighted by all of the pigeon anecdotes you left for me! Would anyone mind if I digitized and shared them here (at least a select few)? I’m tempted.

Happy finals, all!

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