Darpun Kohli’s Final Blog Portfolio

Darpun Kohli’s Final Blog Portfolio

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When I heard that we would have to write blog posts and comments every week for this class, I rolled my eyes and knew this task was going to be a waste of time. My impression of a blog was basically an online diary for people to complain about their daily activities which nobody is interested in.

I was totally wrong.

Ever since writing my first blog, and reading my classmate’s first blogs, I saw the true meaning of blogging. Blogging allows us to exchange our thoughts and ideas on essentially any topic. It instigates more conversation, and that in turn leads to learning. In our class specifically, I learned so much about technology in Pittsburgh and the rest of the world. From virtual reality to self-driving cars, this blog showed me some of the newest innovations that we are creating today.

But writing and reading these blogs also helped in other ways. As each week passed by, I saw these blog posts helping me hone my writing skills. The writing in my essays started to become much more coherent and as I was revising the essays, I saw a huge jump of improvement from my first essay to my last.

When I wrote my posts, I took on a “piggyback” blogging style. I would write about topics that were popular in the news or social media. One example of this was my first blog post about DIY prosthetics. This ended up being one of my strongest posts because it was both very intriguing and it also had a very personal connection to me.

Throughout the semester, I tried to make all my posts have some type of connection to just me. This was one of the greatest qualities of my posts. I also found that my posts were written in a more sophisticated way. Many other bloggers in the class wrote as if they were talking, but I seemed to do the complete opposite. I wrote as if I was writing a formal essay. With my comments, I feel like some of them could have been expanded. For a few of them, I simply agreed or disagreed with the blog post author, but didn’t really seem to give enough specific information as to why.

All in all, blogging for this class completely changed how I communicate online. I now find it easy to express my personal thoughts and feelings to people around me. I am not ashamed to show others that I feel a certain way towards a topic even though many others may seem to argue against it. Writing in a public space gives me the ability to let other people know what I stand for and what I truly believe in.

I am grateful for this opportunity, and I hope other teachers embrace blogging and integrate it with their curricula as well. It was a wonderful learning experience that taught me much more than just writing.

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