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I really enjoyed the weekly process of posting blog entries and commenting on my fellow classmates’ entries, and I believe I learned quite a few things from writing them. I would characterize my particular blogging style as one that would reflect on discussions we had in class during the week I would post, and make further connections regarding those discussions. The conversations we had in class included various interesting topics about technology and how it related to Pittsburgh in the past, how it is in the present, and how might it influence us in the future. I found the blogs I created as a way of continuing these discussions outside of the classroom.

I believe that continuing these conversations is what I was best at when creating my blog posts. In both my “Technological Disparity” and “Older Versions of Technology” blogs, I refer to discussions we had in class during the few weeks prior to posting them. Since these topics were fresh in my mind at the time, it was easy to write and research more information related to them. I also believe that I was good at relating the topic discussed in the blogsĀ in some way to my own life. When writing my blog posts and comments, I would often think of ways the topic affected me personally, and then start writing. This can be seen my responses to the posts “The Auto Industry” and “Technology in Our Lives,” which were written by two of my classmates.

Two thingsĀ regarding my blogs that I believe have improved as the semester progressed were the quality and length of the posts. When the semester first started, I wasn’t too excited about having to write blog posts every two weeks. Because of this, the quality of my first few blogs was not the best. Also, since I would not want to do the blogs, my original ones would be of minimal length and I would put off posting until the last minute possible. However, this tendency began to change as the semester progressed. Even before I began writing the blogs, I would start to think about what topic I wanted to discuss. The length of each blog also began to extend ever so slightly. It is actually because of these reasons that the two blogs featured in this portfolio are from the second half of the semester, when I believe the quality of my posts began to improve.

One important concept that the process of writing all of my blogs and comments has taught me is the amount of technology I use in one day. Most of these blogs and comments served as a way to reflect of technology usage and how we see ourselves using technology in the future. I mentioned in several different posts that I could not imagine living without my phone or computer as they are what I primarily use to connect to others. There are, however, a couple of more professional things that I learned from these blog posts. Firstly, I learned how important working on a public space such as this website is. Since this blog is on the internet, anyone with a wifi-enabled device could theoretically read any of my blogs. Because of this, I know I have to be careful about what information I share so that it is not misused. Secondly, I learned about the importance of this type of writing style in relation to a college class. Unlike most other classes, the writing we did for this class was mostly informal, where we were not too concerned with overall structure. I learned to write in a way that I enjoyed more. Whereas other classes would focus on more formal writing, this class showed me that there are many other ways to be professional in writing.

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