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Tech it’s whats for dinner.

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Tech of Pittsburgh

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The Impact of Technology on Society

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The Auto Industry

After a semester of blog posts in our first semester of college I have learned some things about myself, my classmates, and the city of Pittsburgh. With the heavy work load in the sciences and the fact that I didn’t regularly see the blog on things like course web; I found it very easy to just simply forget to write my post for the week. To fix this problem I put a notification in my phone (see they can be helpful for school sometimes) remind me to check every Monday and Wednesday night and after that I had no problem keeping up with the assignments. I thought it was interesting to see everyone’s opinions and insights on things in the city in ways I would not have previously have thought about them. This is because of the freedom we were allowed to write with for these posts and comments as long as they meet a word requirement we could essentially write about anything that we wanted to. Therefore, we could have posts about self-driving cars and how tech affects your intelligence. But since we had to meet a word requirement sometimes posts were filled with fluff in order to get the minimum requirements of the post. I personally hate a minimum word requirement because it makes me feel forced to drag out ideas that I would otherwise have been much more concise about while still coming to the same conclusion. This doesn’t just apply to blog posts it has really just made me resent word requirements on any type of paper because it just doesn’t feel natural to me to do that. There isn’t just things that correlate with writing though I did learn a few things about Pittsburgh when I was looking up some things to write about. I found out a great deal about our city’s bus system the port authority while writing one of the blogs which is my second post on here if you are interested in reading it. I also read a blog about Pittsburgh’s house of science which was about the Carnegie science museum. The blog had a lot of pastures of exhibits which looked fascinating and even had a US war submarine from WWII! I will definitely be planning to go down there sometime soon. Reflecting on my posts throughout the semester, I feel like my blog posts were stronger in the beginning when I was still new to the whole blog thing before I got in a rut that comes with getting comfortable doing the same thing over and over again. I’m not really sure how to fix that problem right now I will be looking into ways in which I will not be getting comfortable in the future and falling into a rut that will diminish the quality of my work. Over all I had a positive experience writing these blogs and have learned valuable information that I will be taking advantage of in my future. I wish the best to everyone in this class with all their future endeavors.

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