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Taken for Granted

Life and Technolgy

Through the course of this semester I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the online blog. It was a great way to express my personal beliefs on technology in an academic environment. There were a couple aspects of my posts and comments that I felt were impressive. I believe the best feature is that my blog posts/comments are thought provoking. I mention statements and ask questions that will get the reader of my post thinking. This makes my writing much more interesting to read. Nobody wants to read a boring post/comment so a good way to keep people engrossed is to make it have a deeper meaning. Also, I incorporate my own personal beliefs and thoughts on the blog. I feel this makes my blog better because it gives the reader a sense of connection with the writer(me).

An example of this comes from my post “Technology” where I state, “Great advances in technology have be happening since the beginning of humanity. The wheel was just as big of an advancement to society as the smartphone was in 2007.” It’s quite bizarre to think that the wheel had an equivalent impact on society that the smartphone did. It simply shows how far society has come since the beginning of humankind. This is my own personal belief that others may have, but regardless it is stimulating their thoughts to see if they agree with me or not. Throughout the semester I believe I have improved in my writing a decent amount. When coming into the semester, I was inadequate at using a good amount of vocab. I would use words that were simple and boring that an amateur writer would use. Reading my peers blogs helped me increase my vocabulary. Another part of my blogs that I improved was the use of pictures. My posts for the first half of the semester were dull, boring, and had zero creativity. My post “1984” was all about Apple, so I supplied a picture of Steve Jobs with the original IPhone.
This made the post much more interesting, and made it appeal more to the audience. When I write I find it challenging still to not create run-on sentences. An example of this is located in my post “1984”. In the third paragraph I proclaimed, “When the iPhone came out it changed the game and was the first handheld device that was completely touch screen, and they invented the term “apps””. This sentence should clearly be divided into two sentences instead of using a common and conjunction. “1984” is my last and best post I made on the blog and I still had trouble with a run-on sentence. The posts and comments that I have presented in this cover letter demonstrate where I was as a writer, and where I am now. With the first post I listed, I struggled to hit the 250 minimum. The reader can feel that I was filling in words just to meet the requirement. My vocab seemed to be quite blunt and not smooth whatsoever. However, in my second post listed, I definitely improved with both of those aspects. The content and vocabulary flowed nicely, and I exceeded the word minimum because I was very interested in the post. This blog has enhanced my interests in technology. I was always very intrigued by technology, but the blog made me have to research and learn more about it. I only saw technology as an electronic device, now I see it as anything that can make human life easier.
This blog taught me how to communicate online intelligently. Before this blog, the only online communication I was performing was with social media. Social media is not a form of intelligent communication by any means. Writing in a public space like this blog gave me a standard I had to meet. This standard allowed me to give my opinion in such a manner that anyone on the internet could read it and obtain a deeper meaning of technology. I’ve written about Pittsburgh technologies, bridges, Apple, and even the true meaning of technology. This space allowed me to not only express my opinion, but learn to become a better writer as well. For a college class this blog is good because it allows students to write in their own style, and still give knowledge the world.

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