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2016/09/07 at 11:41 pm

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The blog project was one of the most interesting technological projects I have yet to come across. Expressing yourself on social media is so much different than writing a blog that involved a little bit of thought behind it. From a broader standpoint, I did feel uncomfortable writing my blogs at first because I had the “social media mindset”, the mindset in which I took into careful consideration on what I post about because of the viewers/followers I had. And I believe that showed in my first several blog and comments. I believe my hesitation with my choice of words made my content somewhat “choppy” with flow. After a while I slowly began to notice that I was getting more and more comfortable with my audience since it was really just my classmates viewing the content I published.


For example, in my “Uber everywhere (skrr skrr)” post I believe was one of my better blogs not just because my title was a reference to a song to the kids of my generation but also because of my ability to bring up abstract ideas and implications behind the Uber self-driving cars. What also worked well in that post, was my ability to use personal experiences to arise some questions that may not even be thought of until production of self-driving cars is on a national, even better yet, a global scale. Don’t get me wrong, I love the innovative minds of this technological era; I just believe that my ability to bring up questions that challenge some of these technological projects was strong in this post.


My other post that I enjoyed putting together was my blog on Virtual Reality. In high school, I had to select a technology and present it as well as its many applications within our society and what I chose was virtual reality. The information in this piece wasn’t too difficult, I believe that’s what made it more interesting, but what I thought was a little more of a challenge was incorporating a personal experience that flowed nicely into my post. This was a challenge in many of my blogs that I faced. In this post, I think I did a decent job at trying to tie in a personal experience but I believe if I took more time and thought it over a little bit more, it definitely could be much smoother.


Overall, my view of technology and voicing my opinion in a formal public platform has changed for the better. By observing my classmates’ posts, I gain the ability to learn from them and try to understand from their perspective. This allows me to continuously alter my opinions because of a perspective I may not have ever thought of. I believe having an environment like this, is one of the healthiest ways to learn more naturally from one another. Everybody has their own bias opinions over any topic, but when it is discussed in a mature way and an ‘eagerness to learn’ manner, I feel as though I learn a lot whether it was about technology or the different styles of writing.

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