Final Blog Portfolio – Darren Mascioli

Final Blog Portfolio – Darren Mascioli

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Throughout the semester, I think there have been some very interesting discussions and constructive arguments on the blog. It made me think about things that I may not have noticed about life or technology in general. I also think that I contributed to the conversations and helped others think about different aspects of how technology impacts our everyday lives.

I think the posts that I wrote that were strong were ones that inspired people to think a different way about technology. For example, in one of my posts I discuss the aspect of privacy in a world where surveillance cameras are literally everywhere. It might not be the first thing you think about when you see a camera, but it is definitely an important side effect of technology. For some, technology is an always-positive feature of life that, as we learned in class, many people take for granted. However, both the readings we did in class and the blog posts that I read helped me to understand that technology is a grey area that needs to be carefully thought about.

I think that this blog project has helped me to communicate better with my peers. I honestly think that the conversations we had were interesting and thought provoking. Writing comments helped me to develop questions to ask others to help them think, and likewise, writing questions helped me to answer comments in a way that made me analyze my own experiences with technology.

One thing that I have gotten better at as the semester went on was using my own life experiences to answer questions. It helped me form strong anecdotal evidence to support my comments and made me think about how my own life is connected to technology. After all, whose life do I know more than my own? Connecting to ideas that I knew about personally resulted in strong blog posts and comments.

One thing that I think I still need to work on is making my writing fun and interesting to read. I think that this blog project helped with that, because we could write in a less formal manner, but I still notice myself dragging on and on and on and on. I’d like to take more risks in my writing in the future. Hopefully I can incorporate some of the things I learned from this assignment and use it to my advantage in my writing career.

Discussing technology in this manner was beneficial to me because it was so personal. I could read about how others interacted with technology and what it meant to them. I could compare my experiences to others in a way that a class discussion or essay writing cannot accomplish. Communicating in a public space allowed me to share my ideas with an audience that I can relate to and understand the most: students. My blog posts reflect that my main audience was my classmates. I think that is was beneficial to not only share ideas, but talk with people my age who share some of the same experiences with me.

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