Final Thoughts on the Technology and Culture Blog

Final Thoughts on the Technology and Culture Blog

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At the beginning of this course, I did not think that writing a blog or a comment every week would be helpful. I thought that it would be the definition of “busy work.” Looking back on not only my blog posts, but all of the blog posts, I was very wrong. I got to find out more about my peers as well as broaden what I believed fell under the umbrella of technology. Let’s just say that I will never look at a fork the same way. The posts from my peers always stimulated my thinking and got me to see things in a different way. It helped me expand my horizons on technology both in Pittsburgh and outside of Pittsburgh. Because of this, I have a much greater appreciation for technology’s effect on our lives.

As I was reading through my posts and comments, I noticed that the content kept improving as did my writing. Especially in the two I selected, I began to dig deeper into my topic without getting too wordy. I was able to keep it short and sweet and to the point much more effectively. The post about Pittsburgh’s Technological Muscle was more intriguing to others as allowed for more conversation than my other posts. My other favorite post about our partial class trip to Carrie Furnace was another one of my favorites because I was able to discuss something that other people could relate to yet they still found interesting. For me, this post helped to demonstrate what I originally found very difficult with online discussions. In the beginning, I was found it difficult to think of topics that were not only interesting to me but find a topic that was interesting to others and stimulated more conversation.

As commenting went, I started out with comments that were very general and formulaic. With the two comments I showcased above, I was much more specific in my responses as they related to the original post. I also felt like these specific comments weren’t as closed off conversationally. They were left a little bit more open for more conversation or for additional comments. This growth in writing style could still use work, but it ties into what I found difficult in posting. Online writing in this setting needs to be short and concise but also interesting and open to more conversation, and while there is still a ways to go for this in my writing, I felt like there was definite improvement throughout the semester.

The blog has opened my eyes to all the different ways technology has affected our lives. Before this class, I only thought of technology as cell phones, computers, and other gadgets like that. Now, I look at forks, stairs, library catalogs, and holiday decorations in a different light. I am much more aware of how technology has shaped our world and our lives because of this blog and this class, and now I see things in a different light.

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