Nate’s Final Blog Portfolio

Nate’s Final Blog Portfolio

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This blog really helped me with organizing my thoughts on specific topics that were discussed throughout the week. It helped make the ideas that we learned in the past week cement itself into my brain more easily. One good aspect of my blogs were my personal connections. I was able to refer to a recent invention, the laptop, that helped my mom manage her busy life. I also realized that I was a bit ignorant of technologies myself from Winner’s essay. It was surprisingly easy to relate and draw conclusions in the blog. I also found it helpful to reflect on my time at the Heinz history center and how it all related to the rich technological history of Pittsburgh. Thinking critically each week not only helped me discover how technology affected my own past but also the United States’ past as well.

Throughout the semester, I improved at drawing from other classmates’ posts to aid my own and gain a broader perspective on topics discussed in class. Gaining a broader perspective is part of the liberal arts education and this blog helped me a lot with that. I also improved how to get exactly what I’m thinking across on an online platform because I did not have to worry about the usual conventions and how it sounded like you do in normal essays. Without the technicalities of English holding me back, I was able to succeed at just getting my thoughts on the screen.

Something I continue to struggle with however, is my ability to add copious details. While I was able to include some personal references, I could have gone into more detail to explain my thoughts. This is my first time ever blogging so it was definitely a learning experience. In hindsight, it would have been beneficial to my posts and comments to include more of my personal thoughts and dwell less on the facts. For example, in my blog post about the Heinz History Center, I talked a lot about what I saw but not my specific thoughts on the exhibits as much. I think if I went back I could add a lot of interesting details and observations from a personal perspective that other people might not have and add to the conversation.

Looking at many of the posts from different classmates from different backgrounds, it was very interesting to see the different perspectives at hand. My thoughts on technology were often guided by other people’s views which helped me develop more thorough thoughts on technology. The blog provides this unique experience I used it to generate a more well-rounded mindset.

This blog space is a very open and understanding area to put down whatever thoughts that come to mind relating to the previous week’s events of the class. Writing in a public space such as this was surprisingly easy and rewarding with discussions about controversial technology topics such as whether technology even benefits society.

Coming into college, I did not expect to be a part of a blog group even after I selected a technology based class. I think it is an excellent space to show people your thoughts and have an educated discussion about class material with other classmates. Looking at all the posts broadened my perspective and helped me grow as a person.

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