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The part of our class that I enjoyed the most was when Professor Vee gave us a topic or reading and we discussed it. I really enjoy class discussions where we grow off of each other’s ideas and sometimes we can even end up on something totally unrelated but that is really interesting to us. The class blog was a great space to have an online discussion where we learned and explored how technology impacts our lives. I really enjoyed commenting more than writing the posts themselves because it gave me a chance to see what my classmates were thinking and to have continue a conversation with their thoughts and ideas. Every time I went to write a blog post, it took me a long time to come up with a topic to write about. I was never totally sure what I wanted to blog about but once I figured it out, it was fun to get to explore different ideas about technology in a very care-free and relaxed way. It was a way for us to talk and communicate our thoughts without it being in a formal essay format which was really therapeutic. Knowing that it was just a place for my classmates and I to discuss our thoughts made it easier to share my opinions.

I believe I got better at choosing what to talk about and I showed creativity with the “ReNew Art Exhibit” post that connected things we’ve discussed in class with things I did in Pittsburgh. As the semester went on, I also think I became more concise with my blog posts and they were more straightforward, just as my essay writing did as well. It did make us think about not just what is interesting to write about, but what would make our readers really think. Having the blog set in a “question, answer” format made us pick topics that would allow us to ask our readers’ questions and have them be able to answer with their own thoughts.

Our blog was a great addition to the class that allowed us to discuss and think about technology in more ways than just how it directly impacts our life. Like I said in my comment on the post “My Family’s Tech”, it will be interesting to see if we end up being stubborn to accepting change and new technology as many of our parents and grandparents are. Whether the amount of technology that we have grown up with changes the way people see new things and especially new technologies will be interesting to see. I liked being able to discuss our ideas of the future and ways technology will influence how we live our lives as we grow up.

I’ve enjoyed the conversations that have taken place on the blog and I hope it will help us communicate with readers or classmates in the future as well. I have attached two pictures to this post. The first picture I feel accurately describes how all of us got through this semester- don’t worry guys, we’re almost there!



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