You Only Get Out What You Put In

You Only Get Out What You Put In

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As many of you have picked up on, I’m a nerd. I enjoy coding, doing my math homework, and browsing Reddit (i.e. pretty much anything but writing for fun). For this reason, blogging was an entirely new experience for me. I thought that it would get repetitive; how much could we possibly say about technology?

After 15 weeks I can admit I was wrong; the blog was truly interesting to interact with. Not only did my classmates surprise me, but I also surprised myself.

I was surprised by the way in which I began to think about the world around me. For example, in my “Halloween’s Technology” post, I talked about how the drone has begun to revolutionize what we know as Halloween. It was not long ago that Halloween decorations were merely tombstones and cobwebs – the way it had been for over a century. But with new technologies we turn Halloween into a more realistic experience. This is the Halloween that the newest generation will know – not the Halloween I’m familiar with. This “larger meaning” type of thinking is something I believe I do very well, and I think sharing it has helped other people make more meaningful connections of their own.

However, this blog isn’t just a place for me to affect what my classmates think about; it’s a place for my peers to make me think. For instance, I read a classmate’s post about the impacts of not having a certain technology around. I focus too much on what’s in front of my face, which made it was nice to think differently for once. I didn’t realize how much I could learn from my classmates about thinking when given an open discussion area.

By reading what others have to say and how they say it online, I think I’ve truly developed my style of informal writing. I started out writing like I was addressing an essay topic, but over time I was able to write like I was having a real conversation. I feel like I can hear my voice through my typed words now. However, sometimes you shouldn’t use words to convey your thoughts – something I should have realized sooner. As an online writer, I could have done a better job at utilizing the technology right in front of every user: our computers. I should have included more links and pictures to help communicate my ideas. It’s so simple to click on a link, but it can really help clarify a point.

This clarification and elaboration is a great use of online technology, despite the impersonal feelings reading off a screen may convey. When I write my blog posts, I think deeper. I have more time to make sure I get everything I want to say out. I don’t have to worry about leaving a point out that could enhance what I’m saying. Overall, it makes for a more interesting discussion that people can get invested in.

As I asserted earlier, technology’s place in my life is for entertainment whether it be through coding or Reddit. Blogging has helped me realize that I can get a lot more out of using technology if I put more into it. The blog wouldn’t be what it is without us stopping to look at the world around us, thinking about how technology interacts with it, and then sharing it with our peers.

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