Freshman Seminar, FP0003

Fall 2016, University of Pittsburgh

Prof. Annette Vee, annettevee @ pitt…

UTA: Mira Patel

Meeting time: TTh 4-5:15pm

Prof Vee’s Office: 628 C Cathedral of Learning

Office Hours: T 12:30-2:30pm and gladly by appointment


In this course, we will explore texts and ideas and assignments loosely based on technology and culture. We will ask (and perhaps answer): How do technology and culture intersect and affect each other? How is technology changing the ways we communicate? Because this course is designed also to transition to help you transition to your new life at Pitt, we’ll be exploring some local cultures of technologies in Pittsburgh through field trips and local histories of technology and culture.

The theme of technology and culture will also inform the work you will do in this class. Beyond the traditional essays you may be accustomed to, you will write blog posts, create an audio essay and visual image, and do presentations. Peer review workshops, blog posts, and presentations will help to make you more comfortable composing and sharing your work with the class.