You Only Get Out What You Put In

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Best Two Blog Posts:   Best Two Blog Comments:   As many of you have picked up on, I’m a nerd. I enjoy coding, doing my math homework, and browsing Reddit (i.e. pretty much anything but … Continued

The Power of Pierogies

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This weekend I had a pretty disappointing experience. There was a Pierogi Festival advertised on Facebook. My fellow Polish friend and I, craving pierogis, headed out on a 45 minute bus ride to satisfy our cravings. When we arrived around … Continued

Halloween’s Technology

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Halloween is changing before our eyes. When I was growing up, Halloween consisted of tombstones popping out of the ground, cobwebs around door frames, and an eerie element provided by fog machines. But Halloween has to keep up with the … Continued

Taken for Granted

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This past week we had to complete an Intro to the Arts and Sciences assignment before we went to our library session in Hillman. This assignment included searching PittCatt+ for a book and watching some videos as to how to … Continued

Maker or User?

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On Thursday we discussed the opening chapter of Winner’s book, which deals with the philosophy of technology. In this chapter, we pointed out an important difference that Winner emphasizes: making versus use. The makers consist of people like inventors, engineers, … Continued

My Relationship with Technology

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If I told you I could control your mind, I’m nearly certain you wouldn’t believe me. It all started five years ago when I applied to go to a half-day magnet school for my math and science classes. Here I … Continued