Darpun Kohli’s Final Blog Portfolio

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Posts: http://www.annettevee.com/2016fall_techandculture/2016/09/01/technology-the-window-to-a-new-world/ http://www.annettevee.com/2016fall_techandculture/2016/10/18/procrastination-the-thief-of-time/   Comments: http://www.annettevee.com/2016fall_techandculture/2016/10/24/technology-causing-and-fixing-poor-vision/#comment-101 http://www.annettevee.com/2016fall_techandculture/2016/09/05/what-does-technology-have-to-do-with-it/#comment-45   Reflection: When I heard that we would have to write blog posts and comments every week for this class, I rolled my eyes and knew this task was going to be a … Continued

Heinz History Center

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This weekend I had the chance to see the Heinz History Center, which was located in the Strip District. I had visited the museum once before in fifth grade, but so much has changed. The exhibits are more interactive and they … Continued

Technology Over the Years

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The essay that we were assigned last week asked each of us to name a technology that has had a profound impact in our prospective fields and explain how it has changed that field for good. Following the medical path, … Continued

Procrastination: The Thief of Time

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English Poet, Edward Young once stated, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” Procrastination devours our lives and makes seemingly easy tasks nearly impossible. Last week in class we briefly discussed procrastination and completed a short activity in which we determined how … Continued

Technology as Forms of Life

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In class last week, we began to discuss Langdon Winner’s book, “Philosophy in Technology”. The opening chapter of the book, Technologies as Forms of Life, puts great emphasis on how technology is a major factor in our survival. Winner compares … Continued

Technology: The Window to a New World

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United States Senator, Barbara Boxer once stated, “We have the greatest hospitals, doctors, and medical technology in the world – we need to make them accessible to every American.” As of today, nearly twenty percent of all Americans, or approximately … Continued