Final Blog Portfolio – Darren Mascioli

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Showcase A: Showcase B: Throughout the semester, I think there have been some very interesting discussions and constructive arguments on the blog. It made me think about things that I may not have noticed about life … Continued

Amazon is awesome

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My headphones broke on Thursday. I enjoy listening to a few songs as I make my way to class or while I’m studying in the library. So, I went on Amazon and bought a new pair for a couple of … Continued

The Auto Industry

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One interesting thing that we see in Pittsburgh every once in awhile are the new self-driving Ubers. They are a huge advancement to the automated industry, and are the first commercial implementation of this technology. Tesla isn’t far behind with … Continued

More technology, less privacy?

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Over the last few weeks, we have talked a lot about the effects of technology and how it influences our daily lives. As we progress toward a more advanced society, humans need to think about some of the consequences that … Continued

Fit the library in your pocket

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The library visit last week introduced us to a huge resource of information. Millions of books span the four floors of only one library on campus. Technology has allowed us to easily find and locate the perfect book for a … Continued

The Downfalls of Technology

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Last week we talked about Langdon Winner’s philosophy on technology. Society is consumed with advancing technology so much so that it doesn’t think about or even care about how it works and how it affects our lives. There are many … Continued

My Relationship with Technology

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I’ve always been the tech-support of the family. Every time the internet won’t load a page fast enough, or the printer fails (for the millionth time), I get called downstairs to troubleshoot. I was fine with it because I really do … Continued