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Blog post 1 Tech it’s whats for dinner. Blog post 2 Tech of Pittsburgh Comment 1, The Impact of Technology on Society Comment 2 The Auto Industry Reflection After a semester of blog posts in our first semester of college … Continued

Tech it’s whats for dinner.

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So for the past couple of weeks we as a class have been talking about technologies and how they affect our lives and the city of Pittsburgh. We have mainly focused on big things that have happened in the tech … Continued

Tech of Pittsburgh

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Over the past week we all heard the presentations from all of the different neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Of all of the trips around the neighborhoods in the beautiful city we all now call home there was one thing they all … Continued

Tech Tech Tech

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Technology seems to be all the talk not only in this freshmen seminar class but in the world just in general. On Friday the new I phone is going to released which is just adding to the hype and buzz … Continued

Technological Fun

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To start this I couldn’t find out how to post this blog and I’m still not sure I’m posting this in the right place. Last year I had a Java coding and am some what proficient in coding. Before that … Continued