A Retrospective on Blog Posts – Final Blog Portfolio

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Two Best Posts: http://www.annettevee.com/2016fall_techandculture/2016/10/10/technological-disparity/ http://www.annettevee.com/2016fall_techandculture/2016/10/25/older-versions-of-technology/ Two Best Comments: http://www.annettevee.com/2016fall_techandculture/2016/10/31/the-auto-industry/#comment-116 http://www.annettevee.com/2016fall_techandculture/2016/09/20/technology-in-our-lives/#comment-61   Reflection: I really enjoyed the weekly process of posting blog entries and commenting on my fellow classmates’ entries, and I believe I learned quite a few things from writing … Continued

Older Versions of Technology

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Over the past two weeks, we have all spent time interviewing family members about how they were introduced to various forms of technology. Through this, we learned about their experiences with the latest form of technology that was available to … Continued

Technological Disparity

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Last week, part of the reading we had covered the disparity between the levels of technology different classes of people had access to. We saw how difficult it was for the working class to survive on a daily basis when … Continued

Technological Parts

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During the past few weeks, one of the things that we discussed in class was how many people rarely think about the individual components that make up the technology that they are using. Many people see a phone as simply … Continued

My Technological Anecdote

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Technology plays a major role is the lives of billions of people around the world. Technology has helped gather information from various resources, improve worldwide communication, and offer a form of entertainment for many. While these aspects of technology have always been interesting … Continued