Final Thoughts on the Technology and Culture Blog

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Showcase of Best Blog Posts/Comments: Post #1 – Post #2 – Comment #1 – Comment #2 –   Reflection: At the beginning of this course, I did not think that writing a blog or a comment … Continued

Technology and the Holidays

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This weekend while watching the Thanksgiving football and Black Friday hockey games, I saw the same commercials numerous times. Of all of the commercials I saw, one stuck with me and ties in with what we talk about every week … Continued

The Ghosts of Technologies Past

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On Sunday, ten of us went to visit the Carrie Furnace. The tour we took lasted about 2 hours, and we learned everything from fun facts about graffiti artists in Pittsburgh to how the furnaces would run if they were … Continued

Pittsburgh Technological Muscle

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While searching through the internet archives, I came across an interesting article about technology in Pittsburgh. ( This article, that came from USA Today, was a very interesting read about how Pittsburgh has begun to “flex its technological muscle” in … Continued

Technological Sleepwalking

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Over the past few weeks, we have discussed how many “users” of technology do not necessarily understand the implications of their dependency on technology. We live in a digital world, and there is not much we can do to change … Continued

Technology in Our Lives

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These past few weeks in Freshman Seminar, we have begun to discuss how technology has affected Pittsburgh as a whole. We were able to see how the steel industry shaped Pittsburgh into the wonderful city it is today. We saw … Continued