The End- Stephanie Ulshafer’s Final Blog Portfolio

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Blog Posts: Blog Comments:   Reflection: The part of our class that I enjoyed the most was when Professor Vee gave us a topic or reading and we discussed it. I really enjoy class discussions where … Continued

Pitt Serves

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This weekend I had the chance to work with Pitt Serves to help build a playground. It was amazing to get to work for 7 hours and watch this playground come to life. I, along with three of my friends, … Continued

“Liberal” Arts

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As we read William Cronan’s “Only Connect” this week, it made me reflect on what we are truly getting from our education here at Pitt, one that many people would call a Liberal Education. As someone who isn’t staying in … Continued

The Amish and technology

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Prior to reading the article about the Amish in class, all I really knew about them was that they lived in eastern PA and there was a television show about them. The article we read really opened my eyes to … Continued

Re:New Art Exhibit

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The other week my friends and I stumbled upon a recycled art exhibit in PPG Place Wintergarden and it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. Every piece that was in the exhibit was created using recycled materials and … Continued

Technology in our lives

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    In class last week we were talking about technology as a “form of life”. As Langdon Winner writes in his book, “Philosophy in Technology”, technology is a huge part of our “social and moral life”. Almost everything we … Continued

Technology Anecdote

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On June 11th, 2016 my grandparents who live in Austin, Texas were ale to watch me and my twin brother walk across the stage at our graduation. We never thought that they would be able to witness such monumental moment … Continued