My Anecdote With Technology

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It all started when I was born… just kidding it was more like 8th grade. Throughout that school year I participated in a robotics club that met once a week. At the club, several students and I tackled countless challenges to … Continued

Rapport With Technology

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  I walked down to the living room and heard gunshots only to realize it was actually just my older brother blasting the volume while playing Halo Reach on our Xbox 360. I was only eight at the time, but … Continued

My Relationship with Technology

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I’ve always been the tech-support of the family. Every time the internet won’t load a page fast enough, or the printer fails (for the millionth time), I get called downstairs to troubleshoot. I was fine with it because I really do … Continued

Trusting Technology

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Listen, I’m no conspiracy believing, ole’ fashioned, old fart that has no trust in technology, but I certainly have some reason to question my shaky relationship with it. The world we live in is completely driven and dictated by this … Continued

My Anecdote for Technology

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It all started off with an elective. I was sitting in my webpage design class “coding”, if you could call what I was doing coding. The weird “words” like div, head, and a million semi colons did not make too … Continued

My connection to technology

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When I decided to study aboard about three years ago, my grandma worried about me so much that she insisted that I should stay in the city where my parents lived. She thought that I as a teenager would not … Continued


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Welcome to the website for Technology and Culture in Pittsburgh, a freshman seminar offered fall 2016 at University of Pittsburgh. On this site, you’ll write weekly blog posts and comments, and you’ll post about your adventures discovering Pittsburgh in this course. … Continued

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