The Power of Pierogies

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This weekend I had a pretty disappointing experience. There was a Pierogi Festival advertised on Facebook. My fellow Polish friend and I, craving pierogis, headed out on a 45 minute bus ride to satisfy our cravings. When we arrived around … Continued

Technology and Education

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Last week, we read an article about Liberal Education, and about the Author’s view was about how education is about gaining qualities. How do you think technology in education has affected attaining these quailities? Technology allows us to quickly and easily … Continued

Choice in Degree

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Last week we read an article about Liberal Education. As we talked about it in class it appeared that people had different thoughts about the affects that being in a liberal school. Now since we talked about the different opinions in … Continued

Technological Election

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The election is finally coming to a conclusion tomorrow. The battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been one of the most controversial presidential campaigns to date. While Clinton and Trump have traveled all across the country for the … Continued

Automatic vs Manual

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Many, if not all, of us in the class know how to drive.  For some of us driving is a necessity; it is the only option for getting to school, work, or even around to friends.  I never really needed … Continued


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During class last week we briefly went over a controversial commercial. This commercial was created by Apple and Steve Jobs presented it to the world in 1984. This add showed a lady who was dressed in bright clothing running away … Continued

A Liberal Education

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Of all of our conversations in Freshman Seminar this semester, I feel that the discussion on liberal education was most relevant to me individually, but also to our class as freshmen.   Not gonna lie to all of you blog-readers … Continued

“Liberal” Arts

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As we read William Cronan’s “Only Connect” this week, it made me reflect on what we are truly getting from our education here at Pitt, one that many people would call a Liberal Education. As someone who isn’t staying in … Continued

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