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Dear Professor Vee,

I usually get the same comment on my report cards, something along the lines of “Michelle your work proves you understand the material however you need to participate more.” Every. Single. Time. I do not know if this is a blessing or a curse but as much as I love to write is just as much as I hate to verbally articulate my thoughts during group discussion. Evaluated discussion is frankly not my cup of tea because I have a hard time verbalizing my ideas. This is why I enjoy the blog component of our course—it is an outlet for me to articulate my thoughts without the on-the-spot pressure of class discussion. I have found the outside forum to very useful for me and I can imagine using a similar method as a teacher myself.

One reason I enjoy the blog component of the course is because in the short posts you are able to clearly illustrate your train of thoughts about the readings. In most of my blog posts and comments I start with an anecdote or a question that reflects my thoughts during the readings. For example, in my blog post about technology possibly replacing the teacher I was able to link my memory of using YouTube as a teacher to the reading about educational technology. With a textual space to provide such commentary and disclose my thoughts I think I was able to participate and demonstrate my understanding of the material.

If there is one student like me there may be others in the future. I hope to find ways to infuse both on-the-spot class discussion (because it’s an important skill) and exterior participation in my own classroom. Whether that means we turn to online blogs or handwritten personal journals, having a way to see the thoughts and progress of my students will be very helpful to my instruction. While my students will be forced to write some sort of reflections I on the other hand will not be required to write for much longer after college. However it is on my bucket list to start a blog. I am not sure what the topic will be (education, travel, etc.) but I do know that having a place to articulate your thoughts can be therapeutic. To close, I want to reiterate that I enjoyed the unique blog component of the course I hope you keep it for semesters to come.


A temporarily retired blogger,

Michelle Desjardins