And That’s a Wrap – Final Blog Portfolio

Dear Professor Vee,

It’s hard to believe that the school year is already over! For me this is a big moment; a week from today (Friday) I will be graduating, moving onto the next chapter, and doing everything in my power to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.

Your class challenged me in new ways compared to the previous writing courses I have taken. Communicating on the blog weekly, although it was sometimes tedious, was something that I grew to enjoy. I liked being able to see my classmates thoughts on topics that we had discussed in class and others that they brought up for outside the classroom discussion. I think this realm of communication worked well for our class and the goals we were trying to accomplish when learning what literacy is, how it is defined, and what things count as literacy and what does not. I don’t think blogging will work for all classes at the university level, but it definitely works well for classes like ours where there are many complex branches to be discussed. Do I see myself doing this in the future? Probably not. Although I found this experience to be very rewarding, it was sometimes time consuming and I had to set reminders for myself of when to do it. Even if I would start one, I have a feeling it would end up like the journals that I had when I was younger; it would be cool at first, but then I would get too busy/forget about it and never look at it again. It also doesn’t help that I truly enjoy reading much more than writing. However, I do like reading other people’s blogs about their adventures, cooking/baking recipes, etc. and I like having those realms to look to for something to read and learn on.

The blog posts that I have chosen for the final portfolio I think show the best progression in my online communication skills. As I had explained for the midterm, speaking online was something I was still grasping when the first portfolio was due, but I think I have a good general understanding of what works and what doesn’t for this literacy environment.

Have a wonderful summer and thank you for all your help with making me a better writer and opening my eyes to the complexity of literacy.

Caroline Owens

Best Blog Post:

What does race have to do with the ability to read and write?

Best Comment:

Should we be Shifting the Locus of Control?

Second Best Comment:

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