Favorite Reading of the Year?

This may seem like a very cliché question to ask, but given the free topic this week, I wanted to ask you all:

What was your favorite reading this semester? More specifically, what reading was most challenging to you, what did you learn from it, and how will you apply this knowledge outside of this class. This class, in teaching us a lot about learning, has taught us a lot about ourselves and gives us the capability to apply this new knowledge to environments in which we learn.

So, to word my question a bit more concisely…. what was your favorite or most challenging reading this semester? Why that one? What did it teach you about yourself as a learner or teacher as well as about those who taught or teach you? Lastly, does it apply to life outside the classroom? If so, how?

1 thought on “Favorite Reading of the Year?”

  1. I think my favorite readings so far in this class have been the ones to do with history of literacy and how it has developed over such a short period of time into what it is today. The Resnick and Resnick is one that specifically comes to my mind when I think of the history. I found some facts in the article extremely perplexing, including that fact about how to be deemed literate in France only a few hundred years ago, you simply had to recite a few things which could easily be memorized. I find it so interesting how literacy has developed over the years and I am even more excited to see how it is going to develop in my future years whole I am still alive. Will digital literacy take over or will print sources stay the dominant source of literacy? This is just one of the few things I think about when I think of the future of literacy.

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