Most Detrimental Aspect of Literacy

After going through the course and discussing the several aspects of literacy that were brought up throughout the semester (culture, langauge barriers, drive to succeed, economics, etc.) what do you think is the most detrimental one toward a child’s literacy? Why do you think this is the most detrimental and not another topic? Do you think the detriment that you chose is more of a personal problem, a problem in the education system, or a combination of the both?

1 thought on “Most Detrimental Aspect of Literacy”

  1. I think that the most detrimental thing for a child’s literacy is a lack of desire. If a child is not inspired to learn and taught that learning is the key to success then teaching them will create little advancement. This feeling that reading and learning is not important is something that is created by a lot of little things in their environment but mostly comes from family. An unsupportive family can ruin a child’s future if it is not remedied by support in school.

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