Moving Forward

As the topic is up for grabs, I have been thinking a lot about what to ask. While doing the Literacy Remixed projects, I began to realize how much I’ve been thinking about literacy and applying some of the concepts we’ve talked about in this class to other things in my life. I didn’t know that I was doing this until I got caught in a discussion with my friend a few nights ago about how socioeconomic disparities affect so much in one’s perception of life. It has also got me thinking about how privileged I am in my situation. I am curious: Has this class has either changed your thinking about anything or started new discussions amongst your peers?

1 thought on “Moving Forward”

  1. I think that what has changed the most for me are my views of nontraditional English. I am going to be an English teacher so I always thought that my job would be to drill correct grammar and sentence structure into the heads of my students but this class changed that. It has made me focus on the way that nontraditional language is used and the purposes it serves among groups in a society. I will still need to teach the correct grammar to my students so that they can write college papers and work in professional settings but I won’t be a stickler who is always trying to correct their grammar. I want traditional English to be a skill that they have like any other skill one learns in school, not another language if that makes any sense.

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