The End of an Era: Final Blog Portfolio

Dear Professor Vee,

The links I have provided below reflect my proudest contributions to our class blog in this second half of the semester. I feel like it was only last week I was reflecting on my first two months of posts. I have similar opinions to the blog this time around and I think my opinions from my midterm portfolio have really strengthened. The blog has been an innovative and creative outlet through which I can share my opinions outside of class, which is something I have grown to enjoy. It is refreshing to see the intellectual thoughts that have been spread among our small class through this outlet.

The question I chose to present connects two readings that we were assigned this semester, one about Amish literacy struggles and another about a woman reflecting on her childhood struggles with literacy imagination. I am very proud of this because of the connection I found between the two. It was very interesting to hear the 3 students’ comments agreeing and disagreeing with the existence of this connection. The two comments I chose really reflect some of my deeper thought this part of the semester. I think I really developed a way to think about the questions in a more complex way and then share my thoughts with the other students in the class.

Because we spend so much time in class, being able to share opinions I don’t think to bring up in class or share opinions in anticipation on delving deeper into them in class discussions are really important to my learning experience in this class. The blog permits me to share my opinions directly after reading rather than forgetting the things that struck me the night before class. This outlet of expression has allowed me to do some of the work of which I’m most proud.

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